The Debate and President Trump Together

I grew up in a large Italian/Irish Family. Our holiday dinners always had two tables, the adult table and the children’s table. This article has the exact same thing. The chaos and childishness of the kid’s table, along with the responsible needed maturity of the adult table.

Watching the debate I was amused, enraged, and appalled. The behavior of these people who are actually vying to hold the most powerful office in the world was fun to watch while at the same time gross, and embarrassing.

No one wins these clown shows because they are not actual “Debate’s” they are soundbite campaign adds seasoned with an occasional point of reality on any issue. Except those moments happen so rarely that they too are just sound bites.

Instead these side shows are in reality an important display of temperament, revelations on the candidates character. That is what a we are observing, what we we are looking at is their metal. Are they Steel, Tin Foil, or rusted hunks junk iron. We saw examples of all 3 on stage tonight.

In my view of the Debate Ramaswamy did the best job, followed by Burgum, with DeSantis coming in 3rd. Tim Scott held his own with no flubs, but nothing outstanding. Haley had fire but fell flat on making an impression worth remembering. Then there were the 3 Stooges Moe, Larry, and Curly, represented by Pence, Hutchinson, and Christie. Pence being the most embarrassing as he insisted that everyone on stage had to agree that his misunderstanding of the Vice Presidents Constitutional Duty was the right and only one. Hutchinson showed what he is a washed up machine politician who would be better off if he just stayed home. Then there was the Fat Man…. Christie the most bitter RINO in the country whose only motive for being in the race is his hate for Trump.

Those are my views, below is the entire debate for you to view to make your own observations. Never take anyone’s word, take the time to reach your own impressions. Not mine, or anyone else’s spin.

Now we move to the adult table. While the sideshow was being aired on Fox, Tucker Carlson aired his interview with President Trump. The difference between the two is profound. Where the debate was out of control like children loaded up on sugary deserts, the Tucker interview was the table where the meat and potatoes was served for your consumption.

Here is that interview for your consumption.

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