The 2nd American Revolution

The first American Revolution took place when George Washington led the colonists in revolt against the might of King George III and the British armies.

The colonists wanted to live as free men (there was no transgenderism back then), not to be taxed under The Sugar Act, The Stamp Act and the Townshend Act to name a few whilst being  forced to live under his tyrannical rule.

The war of independence took place and after Washington and the colonists secured victory they were able to create their new country under their own rules and laws and hence the constitution was created.

This was a bill of rights afforded to every citizen and ensured they had certain rights and freedoms given to them from birth.

The war of independence raged for several years, it wasn’t a quick easy fight. Along the way there were many battles for Washington and the colonists to fight, there were the battles of Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Princeton, Monmoth, Trenton and Yorktown. There were sieges at fort Ticonderoga and Charlestown. There were many more that took place.

Washington and his men did not win all these battles, they lost quite a few of them and many of the colonists were giving up and at one point Washington had to beg them to stay and fight as he knew they would lose it all if the men gave up.

It was 31st December 1776 when he said to his men “My brave fellows, you have done all I asked you to do and more than can be reasonably be expected; but your country is at stake, your wives your houses and all that you hold dear. You have worn yourselves out with fatigue and hardships, but we know not how to spare. If you will consent to stay for one month longer, you will render that service to the cause of liberty and to your country, which you probable can never do under any other circumstances.”

The men had to give more than one month to eventually win the war and the freedoms that they were fighting and dying for. The war lasted for several years after that speech. It is important to bear this and the above in mind.

This article is about the 2nd American Revolution, so when is this going to take place…. Well it is happening now in front of your eyes, how many of you reading this can realise this and understand what is going on? Be honest..

This 2nd revolution isn’t being fought with muskets, canons, sabres etc as it was in 1776. It is an information war and psychological war and is being waged on all aspects of society.

I had thought originally that this revolution started when Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower after receiving the nomination for the Presidency. Here was a presidential candidate  who was standing up to the establishment and deep state by calling them out and trying to undo the damage they had been doing for decades previously. He openly called Hillary Clinton a crook and said she should be in jail, he also said the same to Joe Biden and called the press criminals for not reporting on their many crimes and corruption.

The sad reality is the 2nd revolution started decades before that and it was started by the US government as they broke their contract with the American people, which is the constitution that Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison etc created &signed after they defeated the army of King George III.

The US government has been chipping away at the rights and freedoms of the people in many ways, slowly and doing so by stealth and psychological means.

We have seen some of this come to light lately with the information released, for example there was the information released about the assassination of Kennedy due to the CIA involvement (I know this was known and suspected from when he was killed, but we finally got some confirmation of this). This was the killing of a duly elected president by his own security forces. So much for freedom and democracy!! So if they killed JFK, were they behind the deaths of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the fearless Andrew Breitbart and were they responsible for the assignation attempt on Reagan too? The sad truth is there are probably many others that were killed by these dark forces.

We have also learnt about the abuse of power and the behavior’s of J Edgar Hoover when he ran the FBI and how he targeted people by abusing his powers.

We saw the introduction of the Patriot Act after 911 which allowed the security services to use mass surveillance on the public through phone calls, text messages, emails etc. This was confirmed through the likes of Edward Snowden and Wikileaks.

The government have been trying to strip the guns off the people, when there is a tragic school shooting they use this to try and introduce tighter gun controls, with the ultimate aim being to do away with the 2nd amendment of the right bear arms. This is being done to take away the ability of the people to defend themselves and to fight back against the tyranny should it come to the point where there is an all-out civil war.

Thanks to Elon Musk releasing some files after his Twitter purchase it is now being confirmed that the government via the FBI, CIA, DHS and others were using their influence to suppress peoples first amendment rights to free speech over various issues such as election integrity, covid etc.

They were controlling social media platforms so that we would only see and hear what suited their narratives. I believe there is a lot more to come out from Mr Musk about illegal government activities and these will be more shocking than the suppression of free speech.

When Trump was elected and inaugurated, this was the beginning of the fight back against the government and their tyrannical over reach on the rights and lives of the people. This wasn’t just for the people of the USA, but for all people worldwide.

He used his inauguration speech to tell the people that power was returning to them from the halls of Washington, he told the WEF and the UN that the future belongs to patriots and not to globalists. This was him telling the ordinary people of the world that we need to stand up and fight against these people and their crazy agendas.

From the moment he was inaugurated they tried everything they could to take him down or get him thrown out of office via impeachments, Russian collusion, sex scandals etc. They knew that he was/is a serious threat to their system of control as he isn’t one of them. He is seriously wealthy and cannot be bought off via their corrupt schemes that are robbing us of our wealth, happiness and desire to live our lives away from government overreach. They are still doing all they can to stop him returning to the Whitehouse as the next president.

Whilst in the Whitehouse he won some battles, he also lost some, well it looked like he lost some.. We now see through Musk and many ordinary people who have been digging for the truth and sharing it with others on many platforms that he was right about many things and we are truly seeing who the enemies of the people really are.

The battles we face today are not for Lexington & Concord, Princetown, Bunker Hill etc, but for freedom of speech, free elections, bodily autonomy, our childrens education, the great reset, agenda 2030 and many other woke ideologies.

 Some of these battles we are winning, slowly but surely the truth is being revealed. The war isn’t over and there is a long long way to go before we are victorious and the tyrannical governments/corporations and their great reset plans are defeated.

There is a  saying “the revolution will not be televised”, thankfully we live in a world now where we have access to information 24/7 via many platforms and it is being televised in a way.

We can see the politicians, the media, and the corporations lying to us daily by trying to strip away all our freedoms. They are prepared and willing to play a long game with us, they don’t care if it takes 10 or 20 years or more for their plans to come to fruition, as we will sleep walk into their trap.

The question is, if this is happening in the land of the free, the beacon of democracy across the world, what are other governments really up to against the people they are supposed to represent and work for.

Are you one of those who will learn all too late when all your rights and freedoms have been stripped away from you slowly and wonder how it ever came to be or will you proudly tell your grandchildren that you not only witnessed the 2nd American Revolution but played a part in resisting the tyranny and helped spread the truth to many people who are blissfully still asleep or are too afraid to really acknowledge what is being done to them?

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  1. The author skipped the 2nd Revolution, the Lincolnian Revolution that made all of this possible through centralization, and greed.
    The the third Revolution was the cultural one that everyone foolishly celebrates called The Civil Rights Movement.


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