Stopping The Climate Movement’s Lies

I am, by profession, an Engineer. I can look back over four decades of achievement, because I was a tiny cog in the mighty gear wheel which is the Engineering profession. We make things work, we know how to build or repair things, whether it is static, like a building or a power station or moving, like a train or a jet plane. We produce order out of mayhem; without Engineers, of many types and calibres, this modern world would not exist. Engineers are inventors and dreamers, which is why British history books are chock full of dreamers who saw their dreams come to reality.

But there has been another side to my life; I am an author. I have written eight books. Yes, I confess that I am also one of the many unsuccessful British authors. Maybe I was unlucky enough not to find an agent who would push publishers to accept and print my works; maybe I just wasn’t good enough. But I gave it a try, and enjoyed the building of my books, which are laced with a fair leavening of my own political ideals.

But to be an author, successful or otherwise, means that you have an active imagination and be receptive to outlandish theories and ideas, because that, in my own mind at least, is how I formed the plotlines and characters of my books. I tell you this because I heard a truly outlandish theory narrated via a TV news broadcast, and, after considering all the intricacies of that theory; I just reckon the man may have a point.

But before I speak of that theory, let me expand just a little as to outlandish theories, and how they actually come to be. The 2016 American Elections were supposed to be totally unnecessary. Hillary Clinton was supposed to have the whole election already wrapped up, with the rag-tag Republicans whom placed their names in nomination accused of wasting their cash, and everyone’s time. But a name came forward, a complete outsider; but an billionaire outsider who has a great deal of cash to fund his own campaign, and that was how Donald J. Trump came into the public consciousness in America. The mainstream Republicans disliked him because he wasn’t one of the anointed, wasn’t a political figure who had worked the lunches and rubber chicken dinners for years. He owed nothing to any political group because he had never bothered. Up to the very minute that the television pundits saw their worst nightmares come to pass, as Hilary was roundly and legally beaten in the Electoral College votes, no-one in the Democratic Party and a fair few in the Republicans had given Trump a sideways glance, never mind a clear and concise consideration.

So a cabal of plotters, high and low, Federal-based and business, accessed all their contacts, and decided that, okay, Trump had won, but he couldn’t be allowed to run and win again. So the plotters, inclusive of top Federal officials and Democrat Party activists concocted and tried twice for an Senate Impeachment of President Donald Trump. But the Republican Party in the Senate, despite not really liking their new President, stood firm and twice defeated the Democratic Party plotters. With the disreputable exception of Mitt Romney, who earned his title of RINO that day. So the plotters resolved to ‘FIX’ the Election. Trump nearly won against Sleepy Joe Biden, but, because the mainstream media and biased and partisan Judges refused to cover or acknowledge  the evidence of corruption exposed by investigators, no States’ elections have been overturned.

I now turn to the theory I spoke about earlier. Imagine a country in which a vast change in the manner in which we live was pushed through with virtually no discussion, no anguished speeches in either Parliament or Media. That there was no acceptance of any opinion or belief that the change was not needed, or that the so-called science which was driving this vast change was, to say the least, biased in favour of those who would make vast amounts of cash from the changes. I talk about the garbage which goes under the variously-named Global Warming, or Climate Change, or more simply and truthfully the ‘Tax the Plebs / Proles Until They Squeak’ Policies so that the rich get richer from the massive subsidies paid for ‘Renewables’. The unreliable renewables such as wind and solar farms mean the poor get both poorer and colder, because the Plebs and Proles cannot utilise gas boilers for heating, and they cannot use petrol or diesel cars because of the so-called warming effect upon the Planet thorough the production of Carbon Dioxide. If they choose an Electric Vehicle,  they won’t be able to charge it away from their home, because the bloody charging infrastructure just doesn’t exist outside of London.

The solution? Far be it from me to advise anyone how to cast their vote, but just examine how these things came about. It was Labour’s Tony Blair who brought in the infamous Climate Change Act which stated that all Green policies had to make possible British achieving Net Zero in growth of Carbon Dioxide by 2050, despite the cost of billions to the average taxpayer. The demolition of modern and completely viable coal-fired power stations commenced, despite there being decades of use left for those stations. The advance of the awful pollution of windfarms was commenced, with every manufacturer and Grid Supplier being paid massive subsidies just so that the various Governments and political leaders could state, with straight faces, that it was all to the common good. This despite the total of CO2 being generated in Britain being just One Percent of the total, with China being responsible for some forty-two percent of worldwide CO2, and of course building ten to twenty more coal-fired power stations as I write.

It was the Conservatives who continued on with the Climate Farce, allowing the building of ever more wind farms, despite the ever-fickle nature of the bloody winds. Our present lying Prime Minister, well under the steely thumb of his bloody Greenie wife Carrie, swept Gt. Britain into ever more policies and actions towards the totally foolish Net Zero policies, probably because he is either totally pussy-whipped, or a true ****king believer.

I can only hope that someone sees sense in Westminster, before our economy goes into freefall because the charging points needed to energise the battery driven trucks and cars are not even planned, never mind budgeted for.

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