Shamima Begum – keep her OUT!

Did you see that Jihadi terrorist Shamima Begum (or “Poor misguided schoolgirl who fell in with a bad lot” if you read The Guardian) has lost her most recent appeal to be given back her citizenship and return to the UK? This is good news – the moment she chose to go and fight for the barbarians in ISIS is the moment she effectively annulled her British citizenship. Yes, I know that ISIS is a shady organisation with three letter security agency roots to it but nonetheless it is a remarkably savage terrorist organisation and all reports suggest that Begum felt quite at home with them. So we don’t need her here with us.

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I accept that she was stupid and that she made a bad mistake and may have bought into propaganda but we all face consequences when our decision-making goes wrong and the truth is that the UK is better off without having her amongst us. I am sure this will be appealed (who funds all these expensive appeals she makes?) but it is my believe that the UK already has enough Jihadi and sympathisers and we don’t need any more of them!


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