Senator Dick Durban Wants To Do Away With The 4th Amendment

Last week the U.S. Senate held a hearing about the renewal of section 702. Section 702 is access to a persons complete existence, every detail, every communication, every piece of data ever created, transmitted, or posted an any electronic device, phone, personal computers, internet, every Federal Agency database, Social Security, Banking, Investments, etc., including everything you ever swiped your Mac card for.

Over the past few years abuse abuse of this data has taken place. It is for the surveillance of foreigners for terrorist threats, period. It is supposed to be forbidden to use against American Citizens due to the fact it is an investigation of an individual without a Warrant, which is in direct violation of the 4th Amendment.

To investigate an American with this system, proof that they are working with a foreign agent has to be presented to a FISA Judge to make the decision. Since 2021 the FBI violated that rule over 275,000 times. Over a quarter of a million times some FBI Agent violated an American Citizen’s Civil Rights by doing a Warrantless Search in violation of the 4th Amendment. 19,000 of those searches were done because the person donated to a candidate the agent did not like.

No one was happy with the FBI at this hearing. Both Republicans and Democrat’s showed disgust. What appalled me was Little Dick Durbin as Rush used to call him. One of the things he suggested to correct the problem is NOT punish or control the FBI, but instead that it might be time to consider doing away with the 4th Amendment.

He makes the statement at 4:50 in the clip below.

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