Sean Davis sees only half the tale

I like Mr. Davis, we share a common view of many things. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Federalist, a conservative perspective of the days news. I find it an essential read, but it’s a sausage makers read. Most people don’t follow politics on the level that they should. They can tell you the starting line of their sports team, but couldn’t tell you who represents them in government federal or local. The one gives you thrills, but the latter affects your bills.

Whether the Philadelphia Eagles win or lose, my life is not affected. Thank God, because if it did as a lifelong Eagles fan my life and world would be sh**, it’s not. The wins and losses in Government however affect my life greatly, and they are starting to look like the Eagles record of the past 60yrs. We are heading down that losing path as a country. If we don’t start grabbing the reigns back from the twits that currently hold them we’re screwed. It won’t just be the crushed hopes of a losing sports team, it’ll be the loss of our security and freedom.

One of the biggest twits holding the reigns is Sen. Mitch McConnell. “The Turtle” The chinless dinosaur who has sucked off the tax payers tit for the past 40yrs. He has amassed himself $Millions in graft and one of the most powerful seats of American power. He is the epitome of everything that has gone wrong in American Politics over the past century.

McConnell supposedly representing the Conservative half of America has just crowned his career with the worst Immigration Bill ever put forth to be made Law. Of course if you ask him it was done for the good of the people. I’m not going to dive into the sausage, even though this sausage kills the American Dream making between 20-40 Million Illegal Aliens Citizens. It bankrupts the country while destroying it’s cultural fabric. Betraying every Legal Immigrant, and every Natural Born American Citizen. None of that means crap to Mitch, or the majority of those that supposedly “serve” as “Elected Officials”.

To our benefit though not everyone in the U.S. Senate has their head shoved as far up where the sun don’t shine as Mitch does. It seems this stinking pile they want to feed us isn’t being swallowed by anyone easily, and ole Mitch has a bit of a problem.

Members of the Press heard screaming from the Senate Republican conference room. After which it had been decided that even McConnell will vote against it reaching cloture.

Here is Sean Davis’s take on the matter.

Sean Davis


There’s a LOT going on in this statement from Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), one of Mitch McConnell’s top lieutenants and the head of the Senate Republican conference. Barrasso and McConnell are in a real jam here, because it was Mitch McConnell who actually negotiated the abominable amnesty bill with Chuck Schumer, and it was Mitch McConnell who enlisted James Lankford to sell it.

The entire exercise was a disaster, and now McConnell is trying to wash his hands of the whole mess. So who to blame? That’s the key question Republican senators are trying to answer. In this statement from Barrasso, it’s obvious that McConnell has decided to cast Lankford as the victim and Joe Biden, who doesn’t even know what decade it is, as the mastermind behind the amnesty bill debacle. What’s really going on here is members feel bad for Lankford, who they genuinely like, and are not happy with McConnell for making them nearly walk the plank on one of the worst immigration bills this century.

McConnell has been slowly losing control of his conference due to his poor health, which his staff are unable to hide, and his increasingly poor decision making. McConnell is losing his grip on power, everyone in the Capitol knows it even if they won’t say it out loud, and this is causing an existential crisis among incompetent McConnell staff and hangers-on whose entire livelihoods depend on the ability of McConnell to browbeat industry interests into hiring them and giving them money. Without him, they are nothing, so he must be propped up and protected at all costs.

Meanwhile, a group of moderate senators trying to figure out how this whole thing went sideways so quickly has formed what Senate insiders have dubbed the “Poor James” caucus: Poor James didn’t have a chance. Poor James was put in an awful situation. Poor James deserved better than this. They feel sorry for him, but they don’t want to blame him for the whole mess. So what do McConnell’s lieutenants do when it becomes obvious even to them that no one is going to support this bill they desperately wanted to pass?

They can’t publicly blame McConnell, even though deep down they know it’s his fault, that he’s really not up to the job anymore, and it’s probably time for him to move on. Easy: they blame Biden, who is such an obvious political mastermind operating at the top of his game, for tricking poor James Lankford into shilling for a bill everyone knows was written by McConnell and Schumer.

They know nobody normal is going to believe this. All they care about is convincing 5-10 dumb GOP senators that this is totally not Mitch McConnell’s fault for nearly destroying his conference over an insane gambit to cost Trump (and Republicans) the 2024 election by giving Democrats political cover for a toxic crisis they deliberately created, voting for a bill that does nothing to fix the border, and giving another $60 billion to the only nation Mitch McConnell actually cares about protecting: Ukraine.

The Vote on the Border Bill taken today was a 49-50 vote, far short of the 60 ayes needed for cloture. The fact this vote was such a disaster was due to a much deeper problem than just Mitch McConnell’s incompetence, and the bullsh** machinations of the Senate.

The U.S. Congress no longer represents the people of the country. They represent themselves for their own personal enrichment. They have all anointed themselves Royalty. This was one of things the Founders feared. The United States is not supposed to have a “Political Class”. It was designed to be Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

Our House of “Representatives” is made up of a two year term. The Senate a 6 year term, the Presidency a 4 year term. These term lengths were designed for a reason, those reasons are simply ignored. We are witnessing the consequences of ignoring them. The Government cares nothing for the general welfare of the people, and they have done their best to make sure that they can never be voted out. The only way a Politician leaves is death, or scandal. Prosecuted scandals are rarer than deaths.

They have outsourced our jobs, they have shut off access to our own natural resources, they have even broken the Holy of Holy’s and censored our speech.

The corruption of how the power is supposed to flow in the United States from the People to the Government is neared to complete reverse. The Politicians have the power against the people and we will do as we are told. If that mean’s you are forced into silence so be it, if you are forced to take a shot, so be it, if you are forced to get rid of your vehicle and buy a Chinese battery one, so be it. The will of the people, and the good of the people is irrelevant. The only thing that matters to those that are in office is their own wealth and power.

Over the past 10 years these facts have become obvious to everyone no matter what they say. Love Trump or Hate him, we all owe him a great thanks. He so upset their “Natural Flow of Power” that all sides came against him and the people in the light of day. They exposed just how corrupt they truly are. The reaction has been not to correct the problem of their corrupt way, but instead to flood every voting district with uneducated foreigners who will vote for these corrupt individuals to continue to get “Free Stuff” and entrance into our home.

Our Government is not self policing, and the 24/7 Propaganda Machine that calls itself “The News” works to keep the corruption going rather than expose it. With hope another four year run of Trump may buy the American People some time. That is all it will be – a brief respite, nothing more. The problem is Term Limits. There must be a Term Limit of 12 years placed on every Citizen. NO American can hold public office for longer than 12 years cumulatively their entire life. It is the only safeguard against the corruption we are witnessing.

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