Satan’s little helpers.

Pope Francis

I was prompted to write this column after reading

suggest that Europe needs more migration, not less. This follows on from hearing leading clerical figures in the Church of England insist that the LGBTQ+ agenda should be central to the Anglican church if it is to prosper. This begs the essential question – who do so many Church leaders advocate policies that are harmful to their flock, if not downright dangerous?

Pope Francis chose Marseilles in France to advocate for more inward migration. Marseilles has one of the largest Muslim populations of any European city, with some estimates claiming it to be 30-40%! There have been years of tension between this surging Muslim population and indigenous French citizens with violence being a recurring feature. Pope Francis evidently sees this a template for the rest of Europe. Why would he think like this? Well, this is what brings us to Satan.


Think about it. If you were

and you wanted to bring humanity to its knees and defeat Christianity, wouldn’t you want the so-called leaders of “Christianity” to be on your team? What better thing to have a Pope in the Vatican who is on your side, who calls the faithful to embrace their demographic erasure? Pope Francis has made dialogue with Islam a cornerstone of his papacy and he constantly heaps praise on that faith group which seems strange as it is avowedly anti-Christian. People assume that Pope Francis worships Christ, but might it be possible that he actually worships the Dark Lord?

He wouldn’t be the only one. Looking across the Anglican communion, we see the same peculiar characteristic. There are senior Anglican leaders, including the Archbishop of York, who is fully committed to same sex weddings in Church. This goes directly against Biblical teachings, yet it is deemed “modern” and “progressive”. We have seen some clerics bedeck their churches with the Trans flag, the BLM flag and none of this is compatible with their faith origins. But what if all these clerics also pledge fealty to Satan?

We live at a time of intense Spiritual warfare with the final battle drawing closer. It can’t surprise us to see Satanic inversion manifest across almost every aspect of society. Christian Churches welcoming mass migration is just one of those of those things with the migrants mostly all belonging to non-Christian faiths. It appears that Islam gets a pass from the Devil, a curiosity in itself.

The other feature of our society that is worth looking at is the collapse of Christianity across the West. The rise of agnosticism and atheism is seen by some as a mark of our progressiveness, but I see it as a mark of utter weakness.

When people stop believing in God they start believing in anything and that’s exactly what Satan wants.  From Pope Francis to Justin Welby, it seems to me that these faith leaders have been co-opted in to bat for the other side. May God forgive them, for I won’t!

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