Rishi Sunak’s fake Tories push WEF strategy

By this point, no one should be under any illusions. The Conservative Party led by the unelected globalist Rishi Sunak is nudging the UK deeper and deeper into World Economic Forum and in today’s column we will examine three clear examples of this.

In the past week, the Bank of England increased base interest rate from 4.5% to 5%. That’s the rate the Bank of England charges *other* banks and *other* lenders when they borrow money from it. So, if you have a mortgage, the likelihood is that it will be more than 5% base rate and may be as high as 6-7%. What will this mean for couples with a fixed rate mortgage coming up for renewal in the next few months?

Well, only two years ago, you could have obtained a two-year fixed mortgage for a mere 1.5%. The AVERAGE UK Mortgage is £200,000. That means the monthly payment would have been £3000 in a year, or £250 a month. At the new 6% rate   the annual payment is £12,000 a year, which is £750/extra per month. Many couples may struggle to find this extra cash to keep a roof over their heads, especially at a time when inflation is surging, and energy costs are still very high. Around 800,000 mortgages will need to be renewed between now and the end of the year – that could spell a huge amount of misery and loss of homes.

It’s not any better when we look at the UK rental sector. For starters there is a disturbing lack of properties and then there is the matter of cost.  Average monthly rents outside of London soared to a record high of £1,190 in the first quarter of this year, with tenants in the capital paying more than £2,500 for the first time. How can many people afford this? Even leaving affordability to one side, availability is another issue. The number of rental homes on the market remained 46% below 2019’s level. Throw in the huge levels of immigration and you can see that even rental prices will soar further.

It was once said that an Englishman’s home is his castle but under the unblinking gaze of this so-called Conservative Government it is turning into his prison. It will become unaffordable and the unthinkable looms – people unable to pay for their homes. What to do then? Well, that’s where the WEF stated policy of “You will own nothing and you will be happy” comes into play. It would be quite possible to Banks other Lending Institutions to take the deeds of your property and then rent it back to you are a rate you can afford. So you get to remain in it but the ownership vanishes. Your continued occupancy will be determined by your compliance to the new financial regime that is now your landlord. In simple terms you lose everything that matters but you gain serfdom.

It has also been revealed in the past week that from July, this Government is going to impose a new £170-a-year green levy on energy with Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt accused of “slyly” shifting costs back to consumers.  The cost of the levies was shifted from consumer bills to be funded instead by the Government, following a year-long campaign by energy firms and MPs amid spiralling gas, electricity and food prices last year. It will again be imposed on consumers, although there has been no formal announcement. Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was business and energy secretary when the costs were taken away from consumers last year, said: “Green levies are part of the problem behind the UK’s particularly high electricity prices. They ought to be abolished but should fall on general taxation until that can happen. The ambition for net zero must not make us cold and poor. “Any new or re-imposed charge ought to be announced to Parliament first and not slipped through slyly.”

But Rees Mogg is wrong. Net Zero ambitions are all about increasing costs on the population and it is HIS Government that now moves all this further cost to consumers at a time when energy costs are already eye wateringly high. The WEF is clear that Net Zero is where is wants to see our society and the Conservative Government is 100% on board with that.

The final part of the unholy Conservative commitment to WEF policy is of course its relentless commitment to Open Borders. By ensuring that vast numbers of migrants come into the UK, the cause of globalism is systematically advanced, A strong Nation State that controls who enters its borders is seen as an impediment to WEF and by weakening our borders, Sunak and his cronies further enable the Schwab narrative.

Our fake Conservatives are following globalist directives that can only deliver we the people into the gaping maw of the WEF. When the 2024 General Election comes along and Sunak is removed from Office and replaced by Trilateral Member Sir Keir Starmer, it seems inevitable that the UK will be plunged even deeper into WEF territory. The Uniparty will not change direction. However, we can resist all that they do, just as we resisted their Covid tyranny.  That must be our shared commitment.

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