Right Wing News and the BBC

I recorded and added this video to my blogsite because I think both the news it holds, and the sentiment it celebrates, which is Good News for the Right Wing in Florida, is just as important as the items which is broadcast and given prominence by the BBC.

I mention, towards the end of my small video, about the Attorney General of the United States, the Top legal official in the land, and his sending FBI agents to target ordinary citizens of America, because they had the sheer audacity to question Loudoun County School Board regarding transgender teaching, along with critical race theory, in Loudoun schools.

The Attorney General responded to a letter sent by the National School Board, a letter which was edited and supported by the White House, to President Biden, who then sent it to the Attorney General, calling those parents “Domestic Terrorists”

That letter, which was subsequently denied by the full NSBA, was the match which caused the blow-out in the Democratic Party’s hold over Florida’s Schools.

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