Release The Tapes… to Tucker

Last week Speaker McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson full access to 44,000 Hours of Video that was recorded on January 6th. Here is the announcement by Carlson.

There are a lot of questions in regard to that day. The January 6th Committee was designed to spin the events of that day to make it into something it wasn’t. What it was can only be described as a minor riot. The Democrat’s and J6 Committee wanted to, and did spin it to be an insurrection. The first insurrection in history where no one brought any guns, but the people were there according to them to overthrow the Government by force.

Producers from the Tucker Carlson Show have been reviewing the footage for about ten days now. They will continue through the rest of this week. Tucker then will be airing them on his show next week. I am sure they will also produce a special for Fox Nation on the videos and what they do or do not reveal.

The effect of McCarthy giving Carlson this access has been fun to watch. To listen to some of our elected officials what McCarthy has done in releasing this info to Carlson is just plain dangerous.

According to Schiff, a good part of the MSM, and every elected Democrat the American People have no right to view these films. If you do not hold their view that the events of that day were equal to the Civil War and perpetuated at the direction of President Trump, then you are both a conspiracy kook and Russian bot.

According to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc they all are portraying Tucker Carlson as a corrupt liar, who is going to edit and propagandize the videos. These are the same people that gave primetime preemptive coverage of the fake J6 Hearing, providing it with their own producers to create “evidence” of the insurrection. Like the following 11 1/2 min video they spliced together for the “Hearing”.

These select clips were edited together to create the evidence of the insurrection by TV News Chief James Goldston a longtime producer at ABC News and then its president for seven years. We are supposed to take them as not just evidence, but Gospel.

According to Democrats and the MSM that set of edited clips and all the other tapes and only those tapes given to the MSM by members of the Committee are the videos you need to see. We are to trust them to tell us all we need to know.

The arrogance of these people is what I find the most offensive. I have no idea what I will see in the upcoming shows put out by Tucker Carlson. I know that we will see a heck of a lot more video from the FOX show than we have seen on all the other news channels combined. I know then the people will have multiple versions from both sides to view the days events from. To judge the events for themselves.

These videos are only a small piece of a much greater issue. There was no Insurrection on January 6th. The National Guard of 20,000 troops was authorized by President Trump to be there. Nancy Pelosi turned them down. The J6 committee in it’s zeal violated 1000s of Americans Civil Rights. It even created it’s own Gulag and Kangaroo Courts to lock people away for years for Trespassing. There are a million questions to be asked about that day that we have been stonewalled on.

I am sure after Carlson airs the videos we will only have more.

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