Putin Puts Nukes in Belarus, Blames U.K.

March 25 (Reuters) – Russia will station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday, sending a warning to NATO over its military support for Ukraine and escalating a standoff with the West.

President Putin “Czar Vlad the 1st” said he is blaming his decision on the other side, saying he made it in response to the United Kingdom supplying Ukraine with anti-tank ammunition that contains depleted uranium.

That, Putin charges, is a dangerous escalation. The UK denies this, explaining that the ammunition is used only for conventional purposes.

Just one more Domino setup to fall, another straw added to the camel’s back just waiting for it to break. If it does break the sticks that will fall are now guaranteed to be Nuclear.

This is a natural progression when the people running the country are stuck in a Cold War mentality. President Trump changed the U.S. foreign policy dynamic, instead of using our military might as the main tool he used America’s true might our Economic Power.

The U.S. since WWII has maintained the Doctrine of Credibility as our stance. The doctrine is quite simple, we fight limited wars to avoid fighting a world war. It worked until the Soviet Union fell. Since the fall of the Soviets the Doctrine has done nothing for us and the world except to exacerbate the danger of World War. Feeding regional conflicts rather than preventing them.

Putin is an evil ex-KGB operative and killer who has made himself a modern day Czar. No one need extoll on his abuses, we all know them and expect them. How we choose to deal with them, or any other tinpot’s bad behavior is totally up to us. Except for the 4yrs of Trump we use the Doctrine in spite of one failure after another.

The previous administration changed the game of foreign policy to truly use the U.S.’s economic power as the weapon it really is. Since WWII the U.S. has been the worlds piggy bank. I don’t think you can find a country on the planet that does not receive economic aid from us. If not cash directly, through special trade deals where we buy all their products and they are not obligated to buy ours. For 4 years almost all fighting stopped. Everything was wound down or shut down on the military side while each nation especially China and Russia reevaluated how to deal with this new strategy. That all ended on day one of the Biden Administration.

The Biden Administration immediately upon taking control not only reverted back to the Doctrine of Credibility, it cancelled all the progress and deals the Trump Administration made. They did so with no thought of the consequences It was done out of pure hate of the previous President. They acted out of emotion rather than giving any evaluation of any actual policy. We are now witnessing the results.

China is setting up Military Basses not just in the South China Sea, but in South America as well. They have used our turning our backs on all our Allies in the Middle East to negotiate a deal between Saudi Arabia & Iran, totally destroying the Abraham Accords stoking the M.E. to a tinderbox waiting to explode.

The Chinese are now negotiating a Peace Deal between Russia and Ukraine. Which I honestly hope succeeds. Not that I want to see the Chinese have such a foreign policy victory, simply because if it deescalates the situation it will be more than worth the egg on America’s face.

Russia and China have signed deals to support each other. China gets all the fuel that it needs while Russia gets the benefits of continual economic growth from the Chinese market. They can shut off exports to all of Europe, not sell a single drop of fuel to the east and their economy will flourish while Europe’s collapses as the cost just to keep the lights on crushes every European economy.

The Biden Administration has only one plan “escalation”. The idea that pouring more and more weapons into a regional war will be a “Deterrent”. The fact that this has never worked, nor the fact that these weapons are not under our control has given them no second thoughts. They march forward.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons are now officially on the battlefield. The errant use of just one could very easily result in the extinction of the human race. Not from the detonation of one Nuke, but the domino effect that will be impossible to stop.

MAD is still the end result of a Nuclear War. Mutually Assured Destruction is how the systems are built. Russia still possesses the largest number of nuclear warheads on the planet at 6,257 while the U.S. inventory stands at 5,550. China’s estimated arsenal stands at 350 in 2021. How many they have now is not publicly known. Over the past 2 years the Chinese have been building 230 ICBM silos. They are not being built as decoys. They are being built to hold their ever expanding inventory.

Once one Nuke is used by any of the Super Powers 98 scenarios out of 100 end the same. MAD.

So I end this article with the Prayer that China does negotiate a Peace between Russia and Ukraine. We can then all breath a sigh of relief, until Taiwan falls.

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