Pence A Walking Talking Insult

Former VP Mike Pence is running for President. He has less than a Snowball’s chance in Hell of winning a single State in any of the Primaries. After not doing his Constitutional duty on January 6, he has made it a crusade to both attack his former boss while trying to claim credit for all of Trumps accomplishments.

Pence is one of those warmongering RINOs. He tried getting elected right out of Law School failed twice and then played conservative talk radio jock where he had the nerve to call himself “Rush Limbaugh” on Decaf. He finally won election in 2001. He has done nothing else except strive to be a career politician. A cog in the good ole boy GOP machine.

Mike Pence like Chris Christie is in this race for one reason only, to attack Donald Trump on behalf of the RINO GOP. The following are just a minor sample career politician tactics.

Former Vice President Mike Pence has suggested that Donald Trump cannot make any promises to govern as a conservative if he is re-elected in the 2024 presidential election because the former President would implement a quick end to the war in Ukraine.

Yes because we Conservatives want our gold and blood to be spent in a War we have no stake in that could very likely lead to a Nuclear Exchange between the U.S. and Russia. One that is very likely to have been caused because of Biden in the first place.

The Ukraine is not an Ally, we have no Treaty with the country. The only ties we really have to it is the allegation that the Biden’s laundered bribes through it. There are no national interests for Americans in the Ukraine. Yet Trump is not a Conservative because he doesn’t think it’s worth a Nuclear War over. As a Conservative myself neither do I.

Pence claimed on CNN on Sunday that by ending the bloodshed between Russia and Ukraine, the 45th President would be “embracing the politics of appeasement on the world stage [and] walking away from our role as leader of the free world.”

Again it is not our obligation, yet this RINO thinks it’s the United States job to play the worlds Policeman and Piggy Bank.

The ex-VP intimated that the only conservative position, therefore, was a continuation of the war.

Mighty nice of him to be so cavalier with our money and our children’s lives.

“Look, the only way this war would end in a day, as my former running mate says, is if you let Vladimir Putin have what he wants, which, frankly, other candidates for the Republican nomination are advocating as well,” Pence continued, before describing Trump’s adoption of the same populism Pence himself embraced in 2016 as a growing threat.

Pence responded, “When Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, he promised to govern as a conservative. For four years we governed as conservatives.”

The Vice President has no power to govern in any form. They are there to just be a place holder in case a President dies, nothing more. A President can assign the V.P. to oversee certain tasks, but other than to stand in the background Trump did not assign Pence a single thing to govern.

“We rebuilt our military. We stood strong on the world stage. We exercised American leadership. We stood with our allies, stood up to our enemies,” Pence continued.

Once again all things Trump did entirely on his own with no input from or authority given to the V.P. to achieve anything.

“Our military took down the ISIS caliphate. We stood with Israel as never before. We took down,” Pence added.

Once again Pence had no duties assigned to him to accomplish by the Commander in Chief Donald Trump.

“Not a long list?” Kurtz asked

Pence replied, “Qasem Soleimani. Here at home, we cut taxes, we rolled back regulations, and we appointed conservatives to our courts at every level, including three of the justices that sent Roe vs. Wade to the ash heap of history. We governed as conservatives.”

Congress cut Taxes, and Trump overruled Regulations, the V.P. has no authority to do either. As well as no Authority to appoint Justices. He even takes credit for the Supreme Courts action on Abortion.

“But I will tell you what voters deserve to know is that Donald Trump makes no such promise today.”

“He’s backing away from America as leader of the free world, talking the language of appeasement in the face of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and the war raging in Ukraine,” Pence said of Trump.

No President since Reagan held the rest of the world at bay, and no other President except Nixon dealt as deftly with Chinese as Trump did with both. It is the President and only the President that controls foreign policy. Trump brought us to peace and prosperity around the entire world. That is Leadership. Where Pence continues to advocate for us to be drug into war with Russia by a non-ally.

Mike Pence is a walking insult, a RINO, and a fool who won’t win a single primary because the people despise him as well as the things he stands for.

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