Oil/Gas and access to it or… The battle of AOC vs Boebert

The House Natural Resource Committee held a hearing on The TAP Act. The TAP Act is designed to bring Oil/Gas drilling back on line in the US by streamlining the time from permit to drilling, and reopening prospect leasing.

On President Biden’s first day in office he reversed all the progress the US had made in becoming energy independent. With a stroke of his pen he destroyed 50yrs of development towards energy independence and doubled the cost of fuel in the US overnight with no regard on how it effected the people, or the economy. For the last 50yrs since the Energy Crises in the 70s the US had been pursuing energy independence. Congress over those 50yrs has done nothing except block that goal the entire time.

It is during this time that the Religious Cult of Climate Change was born. The pseudo science of Climate Change is a myth, not science. A myth that has taken the real science of the study of planetary environment into a religion based on false facts and emotion rather than real data studied through the scientific method.

In spite of those obstacles in less than a 4 year period President Trump freed up the oppressive regulations and brought the US not only to the point of independence, but to the level that the US was about to become the Worlds largest exporter of fuel. With that stroke of President Biden’s pen he put us back to being the worlds largest importer of fuel once again, tying the fate of our nation to the whims of our enemy.

One of the things the members of this Cult in Congress and the MSM continually say is there are already 9000 leases for drilling on federal land. They finally acknowledge that number as false and that the real number was 6600. You say that’s still a lot of leases except really it is not. Let me tell you why.

Out of those 6600 Leases only about 10%, less than 600, even have an exploratory well on them. Not because the Oil/Gas companies don’t want to drill, but due directly to the process that the Federal Government has put in place to block them. Even areas where no outside group sues to prevent the drilling or mining the “process” before any activity begins on the leased land takes 7 years to get through the EPA and other “environmental impact” studies.

In the clip below AOC crows about the 3000 leases that were granted last year and wanted to use the fact that not one of them has been drilled on to prove that the Evil Oil/Gas companies are just greedy and that they are the one’s restricting the flow of Oil/Gas because they didn’t get the lease and immediately start drilling. They always seem to neglect to mention the fact that it takes 7 years just to meet the Federal Regulations before a single hole can be drilled. Instead of ever discussing that fact the members of the Cult decry how much profit the Oil/Gas companies make and pay their CEO’s.

The Democrat Party in the U.S. are the tools of the Climate Change Cult in America. Their goal is the complete removal of the “Pollution” carbon from our nation. Until the Supreme Court bowed to the Climate Cult and made carbon a pollutant it was one of the basic elements for life on the planet. Without it we have no Air to breath. It is a pollutant by decree, not by scientific fact. Yet they want it eliminated. The first things to go to reach this goal is the complete elimination of all things that run off of an Oil/Gas product from your cars and trucks all the way to the gas stove you use to cook your food.

I hope you take the 12 minutes to watch the idiocy of AOC in this video. She spends her first 30 seconds apologizing to the Green Lawyer for the fact that one of the Republicans on the committee having the nerve to point out that he has never had a Job except working for the Government. Representative Boeberts response is both beautiful and perfect to his and AOC’s nonsense.

Here is the full hearing for your viewing if you choose. It is 4 hours long.

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