Off the Boil

Stop right there, good people! The hour of doom is at hand. We’re no longer just in the global warming phase. As of 2023 the world, Barry McGuire-style, is truly on the eve of destruction. How do we know this? Because the esteemed UN Secretary General, António Guterres, says so. Yes, the SC of an organisation so irreproachable in the integrity stakes that it once offered a position of chair of independent experts on the UN Human Rights Council to the organisation’s ambassador from Saudi Arabia no less, has declared Earth is now suffering ‘global boiling’ ( Cue the predictions of widescale fires, bubbling oceans and cracking road surfaces. Hey, we could even throw in the images of melting faces like those experienced by the characters Dietrich and Toht in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. It seems in the world of today, no amount of hysteria is off-limits.

What has encouraged such ludicrous talk is the spate of wildfires that have affected countries both in Europe and North America over the past few weeks and months. Back in July, the Greek island of Rhodes was particularly badly hit as holidaymakers were evacuated from nearby hotels. More recently it has been Maui, in the Hawaiian archipelago, where extensive wildfires have cost lives, destroyed settlements and rendered large parts of the island uninhabitable for probably several generations. You would need a heart of stone not to feel immensely saddened by the loss of both human and animal lives, and the shattering of communities who may never fully recover.

But here’s the thing: Wildfires have been a feature of summers for centuries, and are almost always caused or spread by human factors. Let’s look at the Berkeley fire of 1923 in California (long before the cult of climate change fanaticism was a thing). A fire whose cause was never determined managed to destroy no less than 640 properties. When an investigation was carried out the following year, six principal factors were attributed to the severity of the blaze:

1). Lack of fire breaks in the hills. In previous years, approximately $2,000 per annum had been spent by the City Council. In the two years before the great blaze, economic cutbacks meant fresh fire breaks had not been created.

2). Lack of water, due to the weakness of the local water distribution system.

3). Overcrowding of the building space, with the vast majority of the houses affected been built with two dwellings to one lot.

4). Inadequacy of the fire fighting equipment in the city.

5). Failure to secure outside help in time. It is estimated the blaze had been raging for two hours before equipment and manpower from neighbouring cities were called in.

6). High winds averaging 40MPH, even though the blaze took place at the tail end of summer.

Why have I chose to mention this particular wildfire when there are so many others one could find through the genius of Google? It’s because I wish to highlight how, within a century, we have regressed from a situation where a wildfire is investigated with the full appreciation of human failings and natural caprices, to one where activists masquerading as assortments of scientists and media hacks default to the bogeyman of climate change to propagandise every single disaster! The truth it WE DON’T KNOW what actually caused the scale and intensity of the Rhodes and Maui wildfires. It is most probably due to human error or deliberate malice. Either way, this notion that’s taken hold of various parts of the world spontaneously combusting due to atmospheric warming brought about by climate change is utter piffle!

According to the British Red Cross (,Long%20periods%20of%20hot%2C%20dry%20weather%20and%20a%20lack%20of,ignite%20a%20wildfire%20or%20grassfire.) who, unlike multiple intergovernmental organisations, doesn’t have a stake in the catastrophising of climate change:

‘Long periods of hot, dry weather and a lack of rain make fires more likely, but hot weather alone can’t start a wildfire or grassfire. Dry grass cannot catch on fire from the sun alone; it requires a spark to ignite it. During a heatwave, a tiny spark can more easily ignite a wildfire or grassfire. As most sparks are caused by human activity, we must be extra careful during periods of extreme heat and dryness’.

A major problem we now face is that, even when the investigations into the various wildfires have concluded, you won’t hear about their findings on the BBC, Sky or CNN. Why not? Because the explanations will not tally with what these media giants, or those like Guterres at the United Nations, want you to think. As with the draconian and totally unnecessary restrictions during the COVID pandemic, prophesising catastrophic climate change is a means of social control. Their ultimate aim is to be able to tell a broad mass of the population where they can holiday; where they can drive; if they’re allowed to drive at all; how they must regulate the temperature in their own homes; what they can eat; and how they must organise their lives…….all under the watchful eye of government bodies and corporate/media giants in respective countries. If you think all this hysteria has a genuinely benevolent outcome as far as basic human freedoms are concerned, then I’ve got a garden bridge to sell you!

As for here in Britain, how infuriating has it been to see all the usual suspects banging on about global warming when we’re in the middle of one of the wettest, coldest and most depressing summers in living memory? When I take my next week of annual leave at the beginning of October, I’m out of this awful, rain-drenched, fog-smothered hellhole for seven days. For no amount of doom-mongering is going to prevent me from enjoying the sunshine we should have been experiencing here during the summer months. If a three-hour plane journey to the Med adds to my carbon footprint, so much the better. I’m sorry if I sound churlish, but once you allow these people and their mental poison to alter the way you live your life, you’ve effectively surrendered your hard-earned and entitled freedoms without a shot being fired. Many may be happy to do so as they were happy to obey every unsound diktat related to curbing COVID. I am not, and will never be, among them!

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  1. Absolutely spot on. Be it the UN, WEF, WHO or Ipcc it is all propaganda in order to control we plebs. Sadly the vast majority of the public, AKA the sheeple will, as with the ludicrous lockdowns, simply comply and accept the one-sided propaganda from these control freaks. Glad I’m at the age I am. Wake up sheeple!


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