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I’ve been listening to various talking heads on the TV, and Radio. Not the the leftist commie loons, no the so called Republican Pundits. Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich(who I respect & admire), and various other so called “Respected” advocates of the Conservative cause. Peoples whose voices are usually worth at the very least a listen even if dismissed afterward and in regard to the new Congress they all have it wrong.

The “Consensus” which is always wrong in Politics just as it is in science, is that the new House can actually achieve anything. To listen to these pundits you would believe that the economy, the border, inflation, and even the war on American Fuel can all be addressed by this Congress. They are all out of their minds, because none of them are that stupid.

The new House has very little power. It is supposed to be the most productive Branch with the power of the Purse, but it has been neutered for decades. The continuing resolution has destroyed that power. The way we do the budget has changed over the past 60yrs to remove the power of the purse, no program can ever be cut, all are only weighed by the percentage of the increase their budget will receive.

The idea that a slim control of the House can get anything passed that would effect the mistakes of the Biden Administration’s first 2 years is a laughable lie. The Senate is still controlled by the Democrats, and we have a Democrat President. Not one thing the House can pass can change a single thing. No Bill that would pass the house could pass the Senate, and if by miracle it did President Biden will Veto it the second it reaches his desk.

That does not mean that they are totally powerless. The Pundits say that the House should concentrate on between 60-90% Legislation with 10-40% Investigations. That is just stupid for the reasons I listed above. The only thing this House can do and have an effect with is Investigations. The Investigations have to be focused. One investigation of Hunter Biden’s Laptop, and one investigation of the FBI/DOJ. That’s it, if the others want to waste time on anything else they should concentrate on the January 6th Committee and it’s Civil Rights and Constitutional Violations.

In any case no matter the investigation the best we can hope for is exposing the crimes and corruption. The House will not be able to hold a single person accountable for anything they uncover. If the House wants to Prosecute or have a Subpoena enforced, they have to ask the Justice Department to Prosecute and ask the FBI enforce the Subpoena. Since the majority of the crimes and corruption that they are about to investigate consist of ones committed by both the DOJ/FBI you just might see the problem they are going to have. These focused investigations still need to be done. We have a Department of Justice that has been politicized and turned into the Cheka, and is quickly heading toward becoming the KGB.

The one thing we need to avoid is a shambles of 100 Investigations that all drown each other out. Statements like those made by Rep. Comer (R-Ky) on Meet the Depressed do not fill me with confidence that they can maintain a focus.

Now you may very easily find 40-50 Crimes investigating just one set of actions that the Dem’s have engaged in, but starting with 40-50 different directions at the beginning will quickly overwhelm them no matter how much staff they have.

Plus as they spread themselves thin trying to tackle too much at once, the Economy will continue to collapse directly due too President Biden’s energy policy. That collapse can’t be stopped by the new House, but every Democrat and MSM “Journalist” will blame the collapse on the fact that the Republicans control the House.

The Republican Party is always it’s own worse enemy. We need them to focus and unite in the fight for Law and Order to protect the People’s Liberty.

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