Lets Talk Impeachment Inquiry and The MSM

When you hear anyone say there is no evidence President Biden got a dime of money from Hunter’s Business so it has nothing to do to him, they are either stupid or just lying. The Constitution gives Congress the power to impeach federal officials. An official can be impeached for treason, bribery, and “other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Bribery does not have to go directly to the official, it still counts as Bribery if you pay it to a family member, or associate. Hunter Biden got paid over $80,000 a week for access to his father and nothing else. Access that paid for VP Joe Biden to extort the Ukrainian government to fire Victor Shokin.

The MSM seems to just ignore that fact.

President Biden has publicly admitted to both Bribery and Extortion. Here are some comments in that regard from Jonathan Turley,

(Jonathan Turley is an American attorney, legal scholar, writer, commentator, and legal analyst in broadcast and print journalism. A professor at George Washington University Law School, he has testified in United States congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues. He has also testified in multiple impeachment hearings and removal trials in Congress, including the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and both the first and second impeachments of President Donald Trump.)

In a 2018 interview at the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden bragged that he unilaterally withheld a billion dollars in US aid from the Ukrainians to force them to fire prosecutor general Viktor Shokin.

The Ukrainians balked, but Biden gave them an ultimatum: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

The Ukrainians were Joe’s new Corn Pop, and he recounted how he stared them down in a “High Noon” diplomatic moment.

A State Department memo is shedding disturbing light on that account and shredding aspects of Biden’s justification for the action.

Indeed, the ultimatum may have been the quid in a quid pro quo agreement as part of the Biden influence-peddling scandal.

The premise of the story is that Biden took this extraordinary stand because there was little hope for the anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine if Shokin remained prosecutor.

That is now questionable.

The Oct. 1, 2015, memo summarizes the recommendation of the Interagency Policy Committee that was handling the anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine: “Ukraine has made sufficient progress on its reform agenda to justify a third guarantee.”

One senior official even complimented Shokin on his progress in fighting corruption.

So Biden was told to deliver on the federal aid but elected to unilaterally demand Shokin be fired.

When the firing occurred, Shokin’s office was investigating Burisma Holdings, an energy firm that paid Hunter Biden a huge amount of money.

The State Department had identified it as a corrupt company engaged in bribery.

Leading diplomat George Kent wrote then-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, “The real issue to my mind was that someone in Washington needed to engage VP Biden quietly and say that his son Hunter’s presence on the Burisma board undercut the anti-corruption message the VP and we were advancing in Ukraine b/c Ukrainians heard one message from us and then saw another set of behavior with the family association with a known corrupt figure whose company was known for not playing by the rules.”

Our own State Department wasn’t the only group with praise for Shokin.

Despite Biden’s claim, Europeans WEREN’T trying to oust Ukraine prosecutor targeting Hunter’s firm

The European Commission praised Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin for his efforts to fight corruption in a December 2015 progress report published nine days after then-VP Joe Biden demanded his ouster.

The report flies in the face of Biden’s claims that the European Union joined his demands that Shokin be removed for being corrupt and obstructing anti-corruption reforms.

In fact, the Dec. 18, 2015, progress report, obtained by the New York Post, says that the European Union was satisfied that Ukraine had achieved “noteworthy” progress, including in “preventing and fighting corruption,” and thus was eligible for visa-free travel in Europe.

The European Commission noted that Shokin had just appointed the head of a specialized anti-corruption prosecution office, which it described as “an indispensable component of an effective and independent institutional framework for combating high-level corruption.”

The new office would help the newly established National Anti-Corruption Bureau combat corruption, the report noted, and urged Ukrainian leadership to ensure that both bodies were “fully operational” by the first quarter of 2016.

But Shokin was gone by March 29, 2016, forced out by Biden’s threats to then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that he would withhold $1 billion in US aid unless the prosecutor general was fired.

The problem is the evidence is out there and here is the smoking gun on Joe’s Burisma bribes to blackmail and extort the Ukrainian government to fire prosecutor general Viktor Shokin. who was investigating those bribes and other crimes being committed at Burisma.

Even with the recordings below being in the public domain the MSM refuse to pursue the story. They insist there is no there there…..

This is the purpose of an Impeachment Inquiry. The MSM refuses to do any investigative journalism into any Democrats, but especially the Biden’s. The MSM refuses to discus the over 20 Shell Companies the Biden’s setup to launder the bribe money. They refuse to even ask why k-12 aged Biden Grandchildren were paid Millions from theses Shell Companies. Money given to these shell companies by corrupt foreign oligarchs.

The Impeachment Inquiry must put the physical evidence of the criminal activity into the public domain. CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, the New York Times are not only not reporting on the factual evidence they are actively denying that it exists. Acting as a propaganda defense arm for the Biden Crime Family.

The majority of the 4th Estate has long been corrupted and follow the Pravda model of “Journalism” rather than their Constitutional mission of “Reporting” facts and informing the public. Journalism is not reporting the facts of a situation. Journalism is convincing the public to believe a narrative about the facts that has nothing to do with the truth of what any facts actually show.

The rare professional “Journalist” does care about facts, but they are less than 5% of the journalists that we are given to consume daily. It has fallen to the Citizen Reporter to convey facts for the people to consume. The impeachment inquiry will give us those facts. When you see them please share them. Odds are most people will never see them unless you do the job of the “press”.

Below are the FACTS in regard to the firing of Victor Shokin.

The first clip is VP Biden on the phone with the President of Ukraine saying he won’t give them their USAID money unless the Prosecutor is fired, and the Ukrainian President saying that even though they couldn’t find any corruption on the prosecutor that he fired him at Joe’s instruction to get the money.

This is VP Joe bragging about the firing.

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