Kolkata Muslim organization honored Salil Gewali

One of our writers and friends, Salil Gewali, has been honored once again for his good works. The following was written by Naresh Goswami, from Assam, India. We, here at DavidVance.net, felt that it should be shared more widely.  

Naresh Goswami, Dibrugarh, Assam

Urdu edition of an acclaimed book — ‘Great Minds on INDIA’, authored by Shillong-based writer, Salil Gewali, was released by the Hon’ble Governor of Assam Shri Gulab Chand Kataria at Raj Bhavan, Guwahati, India. The function was graced by the presence of distinguished scholars and guests from Assam, Kolkata, Meghalaya and Manipur. During the program, the author, Salil Gewali was awarded “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Rashtra Gaurav Samman” by a Muslim organization, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Foundation of Howrah, West Bengal (India) for Gewali’s outstanding contribution to the nation. The Hon’ble Governor formally presented the award to the author. The Governor lauded Mr. Gewali for his outstanding contribution to the country through his research-based book highlighting the profound impact of ancient Indian literature on Western luminaries.

           “Great Minds on India” was translated into Urdu by Dr. Syed Hussain of Hyderabad and edited by Abdul Khalique of Kolkata. The book published by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Foundation, Howrah, has so far been translated into thirteen languages, including German. The secretary of the organization Abdul Khalique has also promised to distribute the Urdu edition to a minimum of sixty countries worldwide, ensuring its global reach and impact. Expressing deep gratitude, Mr. Salil Gewali extends his heartfelt appreciation to each member of the organization for their support in translating and publishing his book in Urdu. He acknowledges the organization’s profound dedication and commitment to its noble cause.

          Gewali’s endeavor in working on research began during his boyhood when he began collecting quotes from Western intellectuals in a casual manner. However, the realization of compiling them into a book form struck him while reading renowned works such as ‘The Tao of Physics’ and ‘Uncommon Wisdom’ by Fritjof Capra for the second time in 1995.

      During his painstaking research, Gewali made a remarkable discovery regarding the depth of the ancient text. Scientists such as Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Julius Oppenheimer, David Bohm, Werner Heisenberg, David Josephson, Leonard Bloomfield and many more had drawn significant inspiration from the ancient literature of INDIA in formulating ideas related to Quantum Physics, linguistics, Mathematics and much more. Similarly, eminent philosophers like Voltaire, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hegel, Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, TS Eliot were highly fascinated by the ancient wisdom of Vedanta. 

            Recognizing its significance, the state governments of Punjab, Karnataka, and Assam of India have agreed to translate and publish the book in their respective official languages, namely Punjabi, Kannada, and Assamese. The German edition of “Great Minds on INDIA” was released in 2022 by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

        The former Governor of Maharashtra Shri Vidyasagar Rao, remarked – “‘Great Minds on India’ immediately drew my attention when some scholars presented me at one of the functions. The wealth of proud information about how the top Western scholars thought about India, which we were unaware of, makes the book stand out. These days in each social meeting and academic function, I have started quoting the great quotes from this book. Mr. Salil Gewali undoubtedly deserves high appreciation for his in-depth research and contribution to the nation.”

           Also having been prescribed as a study textbook in several academic institutes in India and Virginia in the USA, ‘Great Minds on INDIA’ stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and intellectual contributions of India to the world. It is an inspiring read that bridges the ancient wisdom of India with modern scientific and philosophical discourse.  

           “Know Your India” is Gewali’s another patriotic book, released by the Chief Minister of Sikkim in 2022. This title has recently been approved for higher classes in one of the prestigious schools in Kolkata. Gewali is also credited with a series of school textbooks prescribed by the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) of the Government of Meghalaya.

Note: Some information taken from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salil_Gewali 

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