Just how will the Prime Minister’s most important Promise work out?

Rishi Sunak made five promises to the electorate, but the one upon which he will be judged is the last one. He said “Fifth, we will pass new laws to stop small boats, making sure that if you come to this country illegally, you are detained and swiftly removed.” The promise, which has certainly defeated all the alleged political expertise of the last four occupants, is certainly possible to achieve, but the promise itself is a typical political ploy, leaving out, as it does, the outstanding and inherently unstable illegal migrant population already present upon these shores. 

The legal problems, partly brought upon by Labour’s importation of Europe’s ‘Human Rights’ laws, added to by the shadowy elephants in the room labelled ‘ECHR’ (European Court of Human Rights) and ECJ ( European Court of Justice), mean that, at the present moment, judges in Brussels can override British legal decisions; such as the barring of deportations of 85 foreign criminals just the other week. 

At present, the loons in the Home Office are placing all our cash on a large bet that they will be told that the Rwanda Deportation idea will be found to be legal. But when anyone views the present regime in Rwanda with a jaundiced eye, it would seem to be deeply flawed. Also remembering that the Rwanda plan also gives Rwanda the right to send THEIR asylum seekers here, in a sort of Swap situation. (this was built in to the Rwanda plan, but given little attention)

The British Government, in order to prevent the asylum flow across the Channel, has to do several things, none of which are very palatable for millionaire Rishi and his acolytes to face, never mind implement.

They will have to legislate, derogate or strike off membership of the 1951 Refugee Convention, and to further ignore anyone who claims asylum because of a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”. We all know that the Convention is now 72 years old, and the left-wing lawyers know that the fact that thousands are waiting on the beaches of France, despite living in the safest of countries, want to get the British beaches, because we give them everything; hotels, food, new clothing, no utility bills, spending money; all with virtually no questions asked!

They will have to remove the influence, by Legislation alone, of the ECHR and the ECJ upon the British legal system, complete, forever and without appeal. This can and should be completed in one day, through both Houses of Commons and the Lords, by means of the Parliament Act. Many Tory MPs may whimper, plot and attempt rebellion, but a three line Whip, and the associated removal of the Tory Whip, and further suspension from the Party, should be enough to bring the  quivering shower into line.

The remaining problem then arises about the legislative abortion which is the Northern Ireland Protocol. At present, the EU holds nearly all the cards when it comes to negotiations affecting EU Law, which the Protocol stands, like a diseased penis, loved by SinnFeinIRA, despised by the Unionists, but the central pillar of that Protocol is upheld by the ECJ and the ECHR. The problem is at a standstill because of the Unionist boycott of the Stormont Assembly. They will not allow the Election of a Speaker, because once that appointment is made, the DUP and TUV cards, leverage, call it what you will: all disappear. 

We here in GB&NI made the mistake of viewing the Channel crossings as an irrelevance, which for the first few years it appeared to be. As we now see in countries such as Sweden, a Nation which at first welcomed the hordes from the Middle East: they now know that the guns, the killings, the rapes, the no-go areas all stem from that one mistake, and we are nearly at that point already here in GB&NI.

We have all read of the underhand processes which the Home Office/Serco bunch took over entire hotels, emptied them of sometimes long existing guests, and then filling them with bogus asylum seekers, all strangely enough of fighting age. But the British ideal of ‘fair play’ can and will be punctured, and sometimes for the simplest of reasons. A crowd of bogus asylum seekers was shovelled into the Knowsley Suites and Spa Hotel in Kirby. If you read the Suites Website page, which asks;

Why not stay with us and enjoy a comfortable overnight stay in one of our 98 suites? Modern suites come with separate bedrooms and living spaces, plus 2 TVs with satellite and Freeview channels, free WiFi, and tea and coffeemakers.

you can maybe understand the resentment of many locals who are really struggling in today’s economic climate, when they learn that the posh hotel right in the middle of Knowsley, is now a resting place for a bunch of Channel hoppers! Now Kirby is part of greater Liverpool, and when viewed politically, is over ¾ Labour Red, as in the graph. Some foreign moron tried to chat up a fifteen year-old girl, wouldn’t take no for an answer, and the word spread rapidly, resulting in a speedy advance by a crowd of locals towards the hotel. The Police arrived and formed a cordon, but also arriving was a bunch who supported the ‘effing free-loaders in the hotel.

The only truly funny part of this story is that the MSM, television news etc, all stated that the original Knowsley crowd had been composed of ‘Far-Right’ agitators. If the reader knew Knowsley as many other do, they would know that the ONLY Right Wing in Knowsley can be found as part of the pair of wings in the coops of the Pigeon Clubs.

Rishi’s Home Office continues to hold, desperately, to the idea of Rwanda, but no-one else reckons it stands a chance of making any impact upon the thousands of greedy bogus asylum seekers, either waiting, or already arrived into Britain.

He’ll have to do something pretty quickly, because it takes a long time to alter the views of the British electorate, and with the polls already so dire; he’ll have to achieve something pretty solid, and pretty quickly too.

Starmer, along with his left-wing cohort, will have to be really stupid in the next year to alter the ideas of an Electorate which already see the Tories as losers: I’d hate to be right.

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