Joy Reid is not only Racist, but an Ignoramus

The following comes from Joy Reid’s official tictoc channel. Ms. Reid was so upset and offended that Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina told Donald Trump that “he loved him” on the stage that she just had to try and vilify and belittle him.

The problem is Ms. Reid is a Racist and an Ignoramus. She is one of the top entertainers on MSNBC. A foam at the mouth liberal Democrat who racebaits as a regular part of her commentary. The following TicToc post by Ms. Reid displays how totally ignorant she is of both history and reality.

In this post she attempts to shame Senator Scott, but instead only displays her pure ignorance and lack of historical reality. Ms. Reid tells the woes of Black History using an event that took place in the 1960s. The events she describes are horrible. Every event she portrays and decries about were ALL committed by DEMOCRATS.

In this 9 minute and 22 second long post she does the following: Insults Senator Scott for having the nerve to run for President, insults the Senator’s significant other, and Insults the Senator for the way he endorsed Trump, calling it “vaudevillian,” In other words, like a “Blackface Minstrel.” When Hillary Clinton used the same exact line with a fake black accent she didn’t call her vaudevillian. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” was uttered first and famously by Fanny Luhammer, a Civil Rights Activist from Mississippi in the 60s.

Ms. Reid goes into great detail about Ms. Luhammer’s story, and the horrors she suffered. She even plays a clip of Ms. Luammer testifying, trying to get her black delegates recognized at the 1968 Democratic Convention. That is where Ms. Reid shines in her ignorance, or deceit; you can decide which for yourself. Every indignation, act of violence, and denial of representation right up to the President of the United States trying to bump her testimony off of TV, were all committed against Ms. Luhammer by DEMOCRATS. Please watch what Ms. Reid put up, and as you watch it remember that every atrocity was committed by a Democrat. Ms. Reid never says that, but it’s true nonetheless.


Tim Scott embarrassed himself and his ancestors entertaining #donaldrrump and his #maga favs in New Hampshire. Let’s talk about it.

♬ original sound – Joy Ann Reid
Tim Scott embarrassed himself and his ancestors entertaining #donaldrrump and his #maga favs in New Hampshire. Let’s talk about it.

Ms. Reid, the Democrats were the Slave Owners, the Democrats were Confederate Army, the Democrats created Jim Crow, the Democrats were the Klu Klux Klan, and Lyndon B Johnson, who tried to bump her testimony off of the TV, was a Democrat. The Democrat President who, after signing the Civil Rights Act that was passed by Republicans, the party that was founded to end Slavery, said he would sign it as his own achievement, and “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years.”. The Democrats then used the Welfare System created to help the Black community as a means to destroy the Black Family and Black culture. Destroyed to the point, that today over 90% of all black children are born to single women and have no fathers involved in their lives. Our inner cities like Chicago, Detroit and Philly are the result of this: poverty, Drugs, and Violence. They made a modern black plantation still under control of the same Democrats who kept them as slaves in the first place.

Ms. Reid disgusts me, and as for Senator Tim Scott…. I believe he is the best pick for Donald J Trump’s Vice President.

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