Isobel and the Tory Protection Racket

Isobel Oakshott points finger away from real culprit

recently tweeted this:

“If there is ANY truth to claims that Wagner in Africa are orchestrating migrant crossings to Europe, the implications could not be more serious. That is hybrid warfare.”

Note the blatant and rather transparent attempt to shift blame for the mass immigration to Wagner, and by extension Putin.

The West is the architect of it’s own destruction when it comes to mass immigration and Putin need only sit back and not interrupt his enemy while its making a mistake.


warned the West that Libya was like a cork at the top of Africa preventing mass migration off the continent into Europe. Libya offered prosperity to Africans seeking a new life away from Saharan countries with little or no prosoects. Libya went from the poorest African nation in the 50’s to the wealthiest in the 2000’s with Gadaffi’s foresight and innovative engineering and irrigation feats. So the West knew that destroying Libya would open the floodgates of migration and they went ahead regardless. Was that Wagner’s fault?

Let’s look at this logically:

Is Wagner paying for migrants to stay in spas and four sta hotels, with pocket money, across the UK?

Is Wagner controlling Labour policy which is highly in favour of mass migration.

Did Wagner write Jeremy Hunt’s speech where he said immigration is good for inflation as it keeps wages down?

Is Wagner sponsoring the RNLI and other vessels helping the channel migrants safety across?

Did Wagner propose the Barcelona Declaration which makes immigration a human right and which was signed by Teresa May and most Western leaders?

Is Wagner paying the media to smeer those who are questioning the mass migration across the channel as “racist”?

Is Wagner organising the people with the “Refugees Welcome” placards.

Is Wagner also instigating the caravans of migrants heading into America?

Is Wagner controlling the judiciary who often halt deportation and transfer to Rwanda?

It’s the Soros backed Open Society and the UN, with the complicity of Western leaders who are facilitating and encouraging mass immigration, legal and illegal and to point the finger at Wagner is ludicrous.

I note the Brookings Institute’s recent article about Wagner’s activities in Africa:

There’s a clear attempt to blame Wagner for any number of seditious or subversive activities by the Brookings Institute, of which Victoria Nuland’s (secretary of state) husband Robert Kagan has heavy influence. So they would say that wouldn’t they.

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