Isabel necessary to believe in genocide?

Remember how it was back in March 2020? The political class took away our freedoms, whipped up a feeding frenzy of fear, and the media universally went along with it. Amongst the cheerleaders for this tyranny was the Daily Telegraph. It has spent the past three years pushing Covid fear propaganda, supporting the actions of Johnson and Hancock. It has been enthusiastic about the vaccines and has never dissented from the official Covid narrative. It pushed some of the most outlandish Covid fears, including the notion it could travel up drainpipes.

Until now, that is. We are now getting the steady drip drip drip of alleged Whatsapp revelations from Isabel Oakeshott being broken by the Telegraph. These are then being picked up and spread across most of the rest of the media. They are generating sensational headlines, some lurid, and lots of finger pointing. Isabel Oakeshott stands in the media limelight. How COULD the Government have acted so chaotically? How COULD Health Secretary Matt Hancock not have ensured all those elderly folks being thrown out of NHS Hospitals into Care Homes not been PCR tested? What DID Matt Hancock mean when he talked in the alleged messages of releasing the new variant?

But what if this is not what is appears? What if this is a carefully contrived cover story to achieve three strategic globalist objectives;

  1. Let former Health Secretary Matt Hancock get away with his real crimes, and the rest of the corrupt Conservative Government for that matter. I’m talking here about the Midazolam/Morphine cull of our elderly during those months.
  2. Allow the Media to position itself as now being on the side of all who objected to what went on back then? Look on it as a triangulation of the gatekeepers.
  3. Prepare us to embrace the looming WHO Global Pandemic Treaty.

Between 2020 and today, the Daily Telegraph was showered in Government advertising revenues, pushing the very tyrannies that the Media now act so indignant about. Do you really believe that they didn’t know what was happening? Do you really believe that none of their journalists didn’t twig to that which you and I saw in 20:20 vision? If the entire British media was complicit then, why do you think it would suddenly act so noble and highlight the failings of the very Government that funds it?

Why did Isabel Oakeshott who helped Matt Hancock write his ludicrous “The Pandemic Diaries”? (and presumably accepted payment for her endeavours on his behalf) suddenly decide to leak 10,000 whatsapp messages to the Telegraph, many of  which damn Hancock superficially? What payment did she receive for this “scoop”? How can be sure these messages are real and not some sort of deep state construct?

If you think that last point is extreme, just consider this. In all of these thousands of alleged messages, there is NO discussion of Midazolam in Care Homes, no discussion of linking deaths for all reasons to a previous positive PCR tests, indeed no discussion of the truly genocidal actions of the entire pro Covid tyranny establishment. Now perhaps we may see evidence of these but I doubt it.

In the final analysis – we don’t need Whatsapp message, real or fake. What we need to see is ALL of those involved in the crimes against humanity that took place these past three years in court.

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One thought on “Isabel necessary to believe in genocide?

  1. Yes David, plus…

    4. Distract from #diedsuddenly
    5. Distract from the real endgame, the #GreatReset

    Kind regards to you, the kind of journalist we need in the Fourth Estate, genuinely holding power to account.


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