Is Humanity Under Threat?

Violent attacks on Hindus during Ram Navami in INDIA


How would a person feel if he/she participates in a religious procession and gets mercilessly pelted with stones by people following other faiths? This happened during the auspicious day of Ram Navami in India on March 30. There were several reports of stone-pelting and relentless arson attacks in many states
across the country. One person each was killed in West Bengal and Maharashtra in that barbaric violence, while one minor boy was shot dead by the Muslim mobsters in Bihar. Similar reports of stone pelting and arson occurred during Ram Navami “shobha yatra” in Gujarat, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. What is hocking is that stones were pelted even by the women and children from the terraces of their buildings. Do their parents teach their children to hurl stones at innocent people?

What is disgusting is that TMC supremo and the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee quickly rubbed salt into the wounds of the aggrieved community. She said that processions should avoid passing through the locality dominated by a “specific” community. This statement further aggravated the situation, leading to many more cases of violent attacks upon the indigenous Hindu Bengali. Those “intolerant communities” set fire to the shops and houses of the distressed natives. It seems that the Bengal Chief Minister believes that we can protect the democratic ethos of the country by appeasing specific communities only. It may be mentioned that these kinds of vicious attacks on holy processions
or gatherings by specific communities are a regular phenomenon across the country. Do we know that all those “liberal and intellectuals brigands” who spread the narrative of “intolerance” quietly go into hibernation when Hindus are attacked?

One wonders what makes those “special people” see the followers of other faiths as their arch-enemies. Why are they becoming increasingly deluded into believing God loves those who “hate other faiths”? Are there “erroneous teachings” in the holy scriptures or are those who (mis)interpret the sacred sermon from the holy scriptures blameworthy? Needless to say, the more religious they are, the more fanatical they become. Does God not love those who love his creation and all human beings, irrespective of their beliefs, gender, social status, and nationalities? I believe something has gone amiss in the understanding of words of God.

Hence, it is most important now that we need to impart the lessons of “humanity” first instead of religions. Intolerance against other faiths and brutality towards humanity should no more lacerate the heart of modern civilization. God is hurt when humanity is hurt.

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  1. Please research and publish news on meghalaya hindus how ksu (khasi student union ) kill hindus and beat anyone no tribal during thier rallys and even used guns showcasting during rally and even during this ram navmi we march rally but with rule and regulation and with hovernment permission and they even have issue saying we beat people and cause disturbance to people meghalay situation is very bad because they want not tribal out of thier state


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