‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’?

Those with considerably more modern tastes in music than I (my interest tended to peter out after ‘Figaro’ by the Brotherhood of Man) will remember a tune from 2011 called ‘I’m Sexy and I know it’ by American duo LMFAO. The chorus of this 3-minute assault on the earholes goes as follows:

‘Ah… Girl look at that body [3x]
Ah… I work out
Ah… Girl look at that body [3x]
I work out’

Though not an expert on this song or type of music, my guess is there’s a comedic irony to the lyrics as the lead singer, Stefan Gordy, is anything by sexy and looks as if he’s never lifted a dumbbell in his life! In fact his physique rather reminded me of a badly boiled turnip dressed in budgie smugglers.  If Mr Gordy was indeed having a laugh at his own expense, then my congratulations go to him, notwithstanding my overall opinion on his singing talents. If not, then I suggest a career in politics would be more beneficial to his sense of self-delusion.

Listening to the achingly bland Rishi Sunak yesterday and the equally prosaic Leader of the Opposition this morning as they gave their respective New Year visions for the UK, I was struck as to how far removed they are from the vast majority of British society. Like Stefan Gordy on Venice Beach, they may really believe they are the political Adonises of their time. However, to most of the rest of us they’re meek, boring, technocratic, Janus-faced nobodies. They’re sexy and they know it? You must be joking! Politically they’re enervated eunuchs with nothing to offer anyone who believes Britain can be so much better than what it is at the present time, and can be ruled with much more populist radicalism instead of the template of rehashed liberalism passed like a baton back and forth between the two main parties.

Why do I apply equal invective to both the Prime Minister and his Shadow counterpart? Because what we face now isn’t a party political issue, it’s a tug of war between the ruling elites (aided and abetted by large sections of the media and the Civil Service) and the great mass of the population. The two giants of Britain’s ruling class are completely out of ideas and out of vision, with an equal determination to pursue policies detrimental to the economic fortunes of everyday people. They exist in a  progressivist bubble of Gestalt Psychology. To them, everyone must embrace or subscribe to ‘grand ideals’ such as mass immigration, multiculturalism, globalism, open borders, the dismantling of traditional genders, environmental fanaticism, one-dimensional narratives of British history and Empire, big state, increased taxation, NHS worship, affirmative action, critical race theory, preferred pronouns, virtue-signalling, Pride labelling, safe spaces, taking the knee, and gender neutral toilets. And when they inevitably don’t? Why, our politicos are as confused as a doctor whose patient has visited him with antlers growing out of the top of his head. For opposition to these things is never factored in in their world of received wisdom.

If you want living proof the consensus of liberal progressivism has failed, just look around the country today. It’s delivered nothing but a culturally fragmented society; a populace uncaring about the latest wheeze that’s gripped Westminster or its media lackeys; an economy rotting from the ground up – cursed by two years of periodic lockdowns, and now further weakened by tax rises and spending cuts; infrastructural capacity and housing stock creaking under the immigration tsunami Labour AND the Conservatives have been complicit in saddling us with for the last twenty years; and (still) significant numbers of people under the spell of state control when it comes to issues such as mask wearing and social distancing. Sunak and Starmer’s remedy for the ills of the present day? Nothing-bergs! Nip and tuck policy announcements! Sloganeering! Why nothing of substance? Because that would involved stepping on the hooves of some very sacred cows in the shape of massively reducing immigration, NHS reform, changing the scope of human rights and asylum laws, less dependency on welfarism, reducing the tax burden, and enforcing and protecting our borders to name but a few. Sorry, folks, but they are the unslayable heifers of progressive political thought……and no mainstream politician really wants to do anything other than herd them around in circles for the purposes of political point-scoring.

In my last article I said I was willing to give the Reform Party a try. Given my innate cynicism, I’ll be candid and say it will be my last throw of the dice when it comes to electoral engagement. Whilst it is generally true that smaller parties struggle to make an impact under our first-past-the post system, the initial growth and subsequent hegemony of the Scottish National Party over the course of three General Election cycles is a notable exception and one that could be copied given the right circumstances. What I know is that neither Labour nor the Conservatives have any desire to tackle the fundamental problems of Britain today, or even – for a large part – possess an acknowledgement that many of them exist at all! As the Right-wing comedian Geoff Norcott said today on his Twitter feed:

‘Sunak & Starmer are locked in a mortal battle to out-bland each other. Like a whole series of Masterchef where they can only use dry cereals and poultry.’

I don’t want incarnation after incarnation of Blairism minus the charisma and perma-smiles. I want someone with enough vision and chutzpah to map out a whole new direction for this country – a direction we were promised during the Brexit referendum. If you’re depending on Sunak or Starmer to radically change anything, then you’re in for one hell of a disappointment. They are both essentially products of the liberal elite and will therefore be incapable of thinking beyond that particular bubble. My hope for 2023 is that, sooner or later, the situation will collapse as either the people or the economy snap under the pressure. Perhaps then we can embark on the new direction this United Kingdom so desperately needs.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Very true Andrew politicians do not live in the reel world 🙄 they haven’t got a clue what the problem is !!!!!


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