Hunter Biden Say’s F’U To The Law, The Congress, And The American People

Today the President of the United States son laughed in the face of every American. Today he said not only does the Law not apply to him, but he’s going to rub it in America’s face for the entire world to see.

The Presidents son was helped in rubbing the fact that he’s above the Law by the President, the Secret Service, and every Democrat Member of the Committee. The Democrats on the Committee even came prepared with pre-made placards to insult the Committee Chair, every Republican member, and every American Citizen. Proving it was a Planned Mockery of Equal Justice for All. They were sending the clear message the Laws don’t apply to them, or their family members.

The President, and the Democrats took a Committee Vote on holding the Presidents son in Contempt of the Law, which he clearly is as an opportunity to Contemptibly Mock the Rule of Law. Organizing a clown show that emphasizes that he is above the Law they publicly laugh about it for the whole world to see. The U.S. right now is no different than China, or the Soviet Union. The Elite are not confined by the Rule of Law.

Only we the peasants are….

This clown show is an embarrassment to the people of the United States. No other proof is needed to show that the system of Law & Order has completely collapsed. Without Equal Rule of Law the nation no longer exists. As long as we allow these people on both sides of the Political aisle to hold office for life the nation is doomed to suffer a never ending abuse of power and corruption.

An Article 5 Convention needs to be held by the States to impose Term Limits on all office holders, Judges, and appointees. At every level of Government, Local, State, and Federal. It is the only way to limit the corruption of the political class.

Our Political Class A) was never supposed to exist, and B) has proven the adage, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Hunter’s perfunctory F’U to the American People will go unpunished and the Abuse of Power that leads to this level of arrogance must end. The only way to do it peacefully are by the Laws that already exist. Please pray that is the path we choose.

Below is the first 40 minutes of RAW footage of todays clown show. It does contain the complete F’U by the Biden Crime Family Bagman Hunter Biden.

The footage starts with the Representatives taking their seats followed by Mr. Comers opening remarks, then minority leader Mr. Raskin starts his opening remarks, as the Bagman and his “Entourage” enter the Committee at the 5:30 min mark of the footage. Please get some popcorn and watch the entire 35 minutes from that point. It is the most embarrassing despicable 34 minutes in American Political History.

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