Hijab’ protesters – Brave. Nazanin: still just stupid.

I have written previously on the fact that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is nothing more than a wilful, terminally stupid woman, who believes that she was arrested, charged and held in Iran for six years because the Iran Government used her as a bargaining chip against the UK; against a long standing debt argument between the two Nations.

The above may well be true, mainly because of the truth that she is both wilful and terminally stupid. She knew of the Iranian Muslim Mullahs; Zealots who ‘govern’ that unfortunate Nation with a rod of iron. She knew of the dangers of entering Iran with so-called Dual Nationality, of holding both British and Iranian passports; she knew that the Mullahs simply do not accept people can hold Dual Nationality. She was well aware of the UK Foreign Office’s well-founded strictures and warnings regarding ANY travel at all into that truly dangerous country. She knew of those dangers, she knew of the warnings: but she took her small daughter and went anyway, on a HOLIDAY, an ‘Effing HOLIDAY in IRAN: because she wanted to see her parents: she ignored all the warnings, because she was, and still is, terminally stupid.

So, after five-odd years, she was released from the prison, but still held under house arrest. But instead of thanking her lucky stars for her semi-freedom, this stupid bitch had agreed to be interviewed over a three-day period by a bunch known as the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims; spilling out all the juicy details of what had been allegedly done to her in prison. She may have been promised that everything she said to them would be kept secret: but promises, unfortunately are broken every day. The whole caboodle was leaked to the Times, who splashed it all over their front pages; but that isn’t the best bit: the dozey cow was up on charges of ‘Spreading Propaganda’.

But, in the end, she got her freedom, and returned, along with her daughter, to the UK. She, along with her equally dozey husband, paraded round the t.v. and radio studios, especially her husband’s favourite, the BBC’s Today Programme, well known for seizing and applauding every loose-mouthed liberal and left-winger in the business.

But now Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ jumps back into the field of Diplomatic relations by allying herself with the Iranian ‘Hijab’ protesters. Now I have a great deal of time for those brave young women who have literally ‘laid their lives on the line’ by protesting against the Mad Mullahs. They know what these murderous terrorists are capable of; and still they protest.

But for bloody Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ to position  herself alongside those brave female protesters, is just plain wrong. 

They were arrested, and are probably facing death sentences because they dared to even question the Mullahs’ demand that they cover their hair. 

Nazanin ‘Whatever-her-name-is’ was arrested because she was, and still is, TERMINALLY STUPID! 

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  1. Very interesting. Is she really that stupid or was this whole scenario fake.


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