Gun Sales Top One Million for Thirty-Five Straight Months, over a Million Sold each month.

Let’s talk about guns, one of my favorite topics. Guns and Abortion are two issues that are forever omnipresent in the U.S.. No matter who is President, or who controls Congress, these two issues will never be settled.

Abortion however is not the topic, that was last week, today we talk guns. The problems that occur when a population of 350 Million people has in their private possession 700 million firearms, with over a million legal Firearms being added to that number every month, while over 100 thousand illegal firearms a month if not added to criminal hands are shifted, sold among them. Can and has escalated into a Pandemic of people breaking out in bullet holes. Which is a real problem.

Everyone of our major cities have sections within them that can only be considered warzones by the weekly body counts that are recorded in them. Add to that that random crazy that goes off and starts shooting into a crowd or worse a school. This is the daily violence of America, it is mostly contained to the cities, but it happens everywhere.

The solution to this problem we are told is simple. Just round up all the guns and all will be well. This fantasy is held to the level of religious dogma by the Democrat Party. They will hear no reason why they may be wrong in this belief, it is not open for debate with them. The Republican Party which is supposed to be, and for the most part is, the party that defends the peoples right to bear arms, except of course for the scumbag career Politicians like Mitch McConnel and others who have served too long in office.

They not only do not care about the people, and their rights that come from natures creator. Self defense is a human right. If they believe tossing those rights into the garbage will maintain what they believe is their rightful power, that is exactly what they will do. This “Red Flag” gun legislation that just passed proves that. They have dismissed our Right to Due Process without hesitation, just for a positive headline in the NY Times and the Washington Post. While they pontificate this is the reality that they choose to ignore or worse excuse.

Gun violence spiked over Fourth of July weekend, with shootings reported in nearly every U.S. state that killed a total of at least 220 people and wounded close to 570 others, according to the Gun Violence Archive

People injured or killed in shootings across Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other cities are daily events. 81 people were shot, including 12 to death, between Friday morning and Monday evening in Chicago alone. Except for the couple that were carried out by the mentally deraigned most of those shot or killed never even made the News. A murder or a shooting is a daily, somedays hourly event in our cities, other than the families of those shot or killed the only people that take note of the daily carnage are the Police and the Clean Up Crews. Not one of these people shot or killed this weekend were saved by any existing Laws, and wouldn’t have been saved by a Red Flag Law. The big shooting that took place this weekend happened in a State that already has a Red Flag Law on the books. It stopped nothing.

99.9% of Gun Violence is carried out by people who could never buy a Gun. They are all carried out by Criminals with long criminal records who are barred from being in the same house as a Firearm let alone being in possession of one. This is nothing new, our Politicians have decided that not punish anyone who commits a crime with a gun. The criminal may get charged with a crime, that charge however will never be a charge for breaking ANY of the Gun Laws.

Federal law requires lengthy 5-, 7-, 10-, and 30-year mandatory minimum sentences for possessing, brandishing, or discharging a gun in the course of a drug trafficking crime or a crime of violence (18 U.S.C. § 924 (c)).

That Prison Time is also mandated to NOT run concurrent with any other sentence. Which means if you get sentenced to 18mths in jail for stealing a Grandmothers purse, or 6mths because you got caught selling someone a bag of Dope, as is usually the case that criminal who got nailed for either of these crimes will also be in possession of a Firearm at the time they committed the crime. They are By Law supposed to serve one of the Mandated Terms, AFTER they have done the time for the crime….

That is why they are never charged with any Firearm Violation. All of our major cities prisons would have 10 men in every two man cell for the next 30 years. It doesn’t matter that our streets would be safe, that no babies would die from stray random gun fire, because within the first five years of the enforcement of the Federal Mandates every street thug will NOT carry a firearm for the simple reason that they can do 6 or 18 months, but being locked up for half or more of their life because they were armed would be to high a price. Criminals aren’t dumb. They are Evil, Violent, sometimes desperate, most times addicted individuals who have made bad choices at the wrong time on their life’s path, so don’t fool yourself that these people are stupid. They made their own choices willingly no matter their circumstance or environment. They will willingly choose to continue their crimes, but without a gun.

The Bartender from the Bronx, AOC is calling for Abortion Clinics to be built on Federal Land. Let’s put her proposal to it’s proper use and Build a New Federal Prison on Federal Land in every State and use them to house the Firearm Violators.

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