Gary Linekar versus Suella Braverman is a WEF Distraction

When it comes to Gary and his co-presenters, “They’re not aware of too many things, they know what they know, if you know what I mean.”

The Linekar tweet was not only a distraction from other news i.e. the WhatsApp messages, it serves many purposes and furthers agendas, as I’ll adumbrate.

The Linekar furore has let Matt Hancock off the hook as the public have a new hate figure to hiss and boo at, and it’s dominated the news cycle when the story isn’t going to shift the dial at all, as by next week it will all be forgotten and nothing will have come of it.

This story actually helps the government, as it’s reinforcing the false notion that the government has any intention of stopping illegal immigration.

It focuses attention on the boat immigrants, ignoring the fact that this is only a small proportion of total illegal immigration which happens at all ports and airports.

It’s a false dichotomy as both Linekar and the government are for mass immigration and open borders, one overtly, one covertly. The government fund the charities that assist the immigration over the channel. The government create the incentive to take the perilous journey (although I’m not sure how perilous it is given it’s being facilitated) by laying on extraordinary benefits. The migrants are being actively encouraged or lured over by the extensive range of benefits and hotel accommodation available, and French officials have repeatedly stated this. The government actively conceal, via numerous ‘made to fail’ policies like Rwanda and armoured jet skis, that they are fully signed up to UN open borders policies.

The idea that these people are refugees is reinforced. The vast majority of the channel immigrants are Kurds and Albanians. There’s not been a war in Albania since the 40’s. Albania and Kurdistan are UN and NATO protectorates and it’s thus impossible that the nationals of those countries are fleeing persecution, unless it’s NATO or the UN doing the persecuting. Kurdistan is effectively a US proxy state. These are arguably not refugees.

It’s worth remembering that when Katie Hopkins was sacked, deplatformed and made persona non grata, she was highlighting boat migrants coming across the Mediterranean. She was totally eviscerated from public view. Even though many alternative journalists are back on twitter Katie isn’t and on her YouTube channel she explains that her ban is at a ‘very high level ‘. What this says to me is that speaking out about illegal immigration is a mortal sin in the New World Order playbook. So, Linekar is not speaking truth to power, he’s simply creating an illusion that government are dealing with this issue, when they are fully complicit in its continuation, and are the hidden hand in the censorship of those speaking out against it.

This mini false flag was also an opportunity to mention Nazis. The spectre of the Nazi must be invoked as often as possible to maintain the power of this word. When religion was more influential, the powers that be need only mention the devil to scare people into compliance. Now they need only mention Hitler or Nazis to get people back into line.

The Nazi word must also be used to demonise nationalism (even law and order to some degree) which is key to the globalists’ plan as they see national pride, national identity and borders as a major stumbling block to worldwide domination.

I see many people who are calling out vaccines and the WEF putting out memes which suggest that boat migrants are scapegoats, and that the billionaires evading tax and abusing power are the real problem not migrants, who are also victims. That’s like saying that you fear the navy and air force of your enemy but not the infantry. The illegal immigration is a key plank of the globalist plan. It’s Maoist in many respects as it’s about removing the Four Olds: old customs, traditions, values, languages, norms etc to pace the way for the great reset. Illegal immigration is also an extremely important strategy in the ‘Demoralisation of a Population’ which is how communists eventually win power. Illegal immigration increases the proportion of a populous dependent on the State, and people don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

In closing, the Linekar tweet furore reinforces many themes that are essential to the globalists, and which distract the public who are effectively chasing their tails.

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