Fighting the Matriarchy….

Just when you thought you had survived a weekend of concerted UK media hysteria concerning the England football team in the Women’s World Cup, along comes Monday and the BBC is telling us how it was three female Indian scientists that were behind the ongoing Lunar mission. Yes, the matriarchy is taking us to infinity and beyond.

Media is a relentless propagandist

I’m afraid we must face up to the fact that the

for the Matriarchy and will not miss ANY opportunity to suggest that women are superior to men. This is deeply sexist, of course, but it all fits into the “Barbie” worldview that men are the inferior species and that things would be better if only women oversaw everything. Barbie smart, Ken stupid, in essence.

So, WHO is pushing this narrative and why do they look for the pro-woman angle in all these disparate stories? I would suggest that the left-wing media is replete with the new sort of “trans ally” feminists who like men who put on lipstick and frocks and pretend to be women, but who despise men are simply male. In addition, I am sure there are several young gay male journalists who also like to advance the anti-traditional male narrative. But WHY is this being pushed so hard? I think it’s all about disrupting the successful family unit in which the alpha man is the main provider and replacing him with the woman who dominates and succeeds in all that she does.

In essence, I think that this disrespects both genders (and yes, there are only two genders!)  Men and Women are physically different and when it comes to sport, this is all too obvious. Anyone comparing the English Woman’s football team with that of the English Men’s football team will immediately see that that Men’s game is faster, more powerful, more exciting and more aggressive. It attracts bigger crowds. It was noteworthy that the crowd watching the “Lionesses” was overwhelmingly female, just like the panel who commented upon it and the presenters who told us about. There was hardly a man to be seen, which seems to fit into a new interpretation of “equality” A brutal truth is that Woman’s football is a fringe sport that appeals to a relatively small number of fans, but the media takes it and super boosts it with endless PR. I suspect this is done with some venom as it is all about “tearing down the patriarchy” and replacing it with this new sisterhood of sport.

But it goes further and extends into all other arenas. The most popular movie of this year is “Barbie” and it’s central contention is that one I pointed out earlier – Barbie Good, Ken Bad. This seems to resonate strongly with quite a few women and girls in the West. The deconstruction of the Hunter/Gatherer man is almost complete and as a result we see weak unhappy men and vociferous angry but unfulfilled women. No one wins from this.

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