Elon Musk Interview by Tucker Carlson Pt.1

The following post is one for when you have some leisure time. This leisure time is not one to be spent on leisure though, it is time to be spent to inform yourself on information that will effect your life. You are not being given a choice about it. Artificial Intelligence is and will be involved with you whether you want to participate or not.

The following interview between Mr. Musk and Mr. Carlson should make you think. It is not just about AI they discuss several issues important to all of us. All of it is information you should know.

Opinions about both men vary depending on the room. My personal view is both men are the top of their fields. No matter your personal view of either man, as a human being yourself knowledge and information of the events occurring in the world are your only tools for survival.

You can not argue any topic fore or against if you don’t have any knowledge of the topic. Yes Yes I know the internet defies that statement. Don’t be an idiot Troll, when you Troll do it from a point of strength, armed with knowledge.

I hope you enjoy this, I did. Pt. 1

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