Dublin’s Guerre City

After the majority vote in the United Kingdom for Brexit, the Irish Republic became one of those places ardent Remainers looked to for comfort and solace. Whereas we were portrayed as economically, politically and philosophically retarded, the Irish state became the Euro beacon of enlightenment. It was a fringe country of the continent fully embracing all it apparently meant to be a full player in Brussels’ little empire. Good gracious, such arguments were used by nationalists in Northern Ireland (and published in sympathetic UK rags, naturally – https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/oct/25/uk-young-people-united-ireland-stormont-brexit) to attempt to persuade enough of Ulster’s middle ground to abandon a 200-year old country to join the republican pipe dream of an all-Ireland state.

Well all that’s changed. I’m even tempted to use the words of a certain Irish writer that things in Ireland have ‘changed utterly’. For last Thursday night the Irish capital experienced the sort of violence and vehicle damage one used to associate with a city 100 miles up the road. Shops were looted, a bus and LUAS tram set alight, with violence against the police of such an intensity that An Garda Siochana have requested water cannons from their neighbours in the PSNI to be deployed in the event of any repeat.

Now for anyone who cared to follow the narrative of the mainstream media – both here and in Ireland – this was simply ‘mindless thuggery by far-Right hooligans’ (https://news.sky.com/story/dublin-riots-34-people-arrested-after-violent-protests-in-city-following-stabbings-13014767). The only element of that description I’d concur with is the word ‘thuggery’. For although nobody can condone violence against person and property, these people were not ‘far-Right’ and not ‘mindless’. Instead they were enraged Irish citizens who took wrongful and condemnatory actions, but only as a consequence of anger at what their country (like many others across Europe) is turning into. Irish politicians, as with their counterparts across the Western world, have machine-gunned the fabled ‘middle ground’ over the last two decades by flatly refusing to listen to legitimate concerns over the scale and pace of immigration. They all seem to believe their base voter is some socially liberal, mass migration-applauding spiv contentedly gulping down the ‘diversity is wonderful’ Kool Aid. Instead what most voters are are people concerned, if not downright frightened, about the mass importation of alien cultures with alien value systems topped off with more than a penchant for murderous criminality. The riots in Dublin didn’t appear out of nowhere. They occurred in response to the stabbing of three young children and a school care assistant by, yes, another migrant – this time from Algeria.

Suddenly the liberal perception of the Emerald Isle has been shattered. Spearheaded by the BBC’s Ireland Correspondent Shane Harrison, the country has metamorphosed from a verdant ‘Truman Show’-type idyll to a land full of disagreeable and revolting people. Apparently they’re folk who just refuse to see the the charm and beauty of unrestricted immigration. It matters not a jot that thousands of these interlopers are from culturally-immiscible backgrounds, often bereft of identity documents, and funnelled into long-standing (and frequently rural) communities by an Irish political establishment energised with a benevolence that simply wouldn’t exist towards the native people. And why should we in Britain be surprised? This is very similar what has been going on here for a comparable amount of time!!

Millions of Europeans are at the end of their tether at seeing their countries demographically transformed before their very eyes and without their consent. They’re fed up at having to accommodate people who have no interest in the culture, values, history or national story of their countries and whose sense of ‘loyalty’ to their adopted home is co-terminous with whatever financial empowerment they can accrue from living there – whether by employment or welfare. And it’s not just the Irish. If British, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian or German people decide in the fullness of time they’re not keen to be libelled by BBC journos for wishing to remain normal, relatively safe and, above all, culturally homogenous societies with the prevailing national characteristics they’ve nurtured and prospered with, then I trust they’ll treat Harrison’s drivel with the contempt it so richly deserves (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-67523846).

When I tried to articulate a few of the above points to Matthew Wright on this morning’s LBC show, I was treated to a 30-second monologue of virtue-signalling Leftist orthodoxy on the ‘positive’ unstoppability of change before being abruptly cut off. If the UK’s foremost talk radio station wishes to be true to its tagline of ‘Leading Britain’s Conversation’, it would be better if its directors employed hosts actually interested in having a conversation, and not second-raters like Wright whose premier talent seems to lie in his ability to perma-grin at the lens whenever a TV camera is focused on him!

However much those in power – media or political – attempt to curtail the increasingly vociferous concerns and demands about mass migration, the genie is out of the bottle. The United Kingdom is now almost surrounded by countries who are not, as the media would have you believe, keeping to the Europhilic “kumbayah” straight and narrow, but ones where ever-growing sections of the population fret about the demographic destinations those in the driving seat of mass migration wish to take them to. Ireland’s population has swelled by over 40% in twenty years. The Republic has gone from 86% ‘White Irish’ in 2006 to 76% in 2022. In the Netherlands you look at cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam and wonder whether you’ll even hear the Dutch language being spoken there in 50 or 100 years time. Then there’s the simmering cauldron of London, the nexus of Europe’s anti-Semitic masses. All these realities stem from a 20-year experiment by respective governments of turning the principle of immigration (totally acceptable in manageable and compatible quantities) into one of indigenous population replacement. Those voting for Wilders in the suburbs of Amsterdam, or those counterproductively rioting in Dublin do share one common concern: The realisation that their complacency coupled with the decadence of their rulers has created societies they no longer recognise or are comfortable with. The time for burying proverbial heads in the sand on this crucial issue has now firmly passed.

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