Do the Jabs cause childhood Diabetes?

Inexplicable. Type 1 Diabetes is soaring in children/teenagers since ”Covid”. If only we could work out what causes it….
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One thought on “Do the Jabs cause childhood Diabetes?

  1. That’s not surprising. In my view, Dr Bryan Ardis has proven that Covid and the jab are bioweapons based on synthetic venoms. In fact, all the symptoms and and remedies are consistent with this view. The venom cocktail turns off cell function at nicotinic receptors which occur throughout the body. If it gets to the tongue, there will be no taste. If it gets in the nose, no smell. If it gets in the pancreas, you get diabetes. Nicotine, lobelia herb or ivermectin are magic bullets which will remove venom from nicotinic receptors. then whilst in circulation, neutralaisers such as chlorine dioxide, nattokinase etc.are helpful to stop the venom from doing harm.

    For unjabbed regular detoxing, especially when exposed to jabbed people, chemtrails or tainted food is required to remain healthy. For the jabbed, a much more intensive intervention is necessary.


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