Devout Islam vs LGBT activism – who wins?

It’s fair to say that LGBTQ+ activism has swept away much of the Western establishment in a remarkably short time. Whether it is politics or faith, it seems to have overwhelmed (cowered?) all that it challenges. The Church of England flies the Trans flag and many within it declare themselves “trans allies” regardless of obvious doctrinal contradictions. We see institutions like the Police cavorting at Pride parades in rainbow cars and there is universal media sympathy for the LGBTQ+ agenda. Anyone who stands against this is instantly labelled a “transphobe” and subject to de-platforming and ridicule. To suggest that a women cannot have a penis is increasingly portrayed as heretical in the West and beware those who suggest there are not 101 genders!

Whilst this may be true in the West as a whole, it is not true in the fastest growing religion in the West – Islam. Nor is it true in the Muslim world more generally. Whilst sections of Christianity embrace the LGBTQ+ agenda and even suggest that Jesus Christ was gay, Islam steadfastly rejects this. Why? How is it that increasingly secular West falls victim to the Trans agenda – but of course I answer my own question. It is said that when people stop believing in God they start believing in anything and there is little doubt that the tide of faith that once characterised the West is fast receding. People may bask in imagined “liberal progressiveness” and laugh at the “Sky Fairy” but they also then find themselves agreeing that women need a prostate exam! The road to hell is literally paved with foolish intentions.

In Islam, there are two genders, male and female. In Islam, homosexuality is viewed very negatively and indeed can be met with violence. We have witnessed homosexual people being put to death in the Muslim world. The idea that women can become men and men can become women is met with incredulity in Islamic circles and when it comes to Pride parades, Muslims tend to be almost entirely absent. No such public and ostentatious displays of LGBTQ+ activism is permitted in the Muslim world.

This is where the clash is coming. The West is increasingly pro Trans rights and avowedly pro homosexual. Islam appears to be resolutely opposed to these values. Whilst the like of the Church of England moves towards legitimising gay marriage, there is no indication that Islam has any intention of going this way. Whilst modern Christianity is relativist, Islam is absolutist and that’s why the West is falling. In our determination to tolerate, we are tolerating the intolerable and then wondering why we become increasingly degenerate in the process. There are parts of Europe where Islam is increasingly dominant – will these areas tolerate the Trans agenda? If not, what will happen?

I have many questions about Islam and often have speculated if it is compatible with our modern pluralist values. However, the LBTBQ+ tide is roaring in and Islam seems to be a bulwark against it. Andrew Tate has converted to Islam because he believes it has strength and will defend itself in a way Christianity wont’. Is he right?

Live and let live seems a reasonable approach to a civilised society and it is one that the West has pursued with a vengeance since the 1960’s. But is it also a fatally flawed approach if it means that we must accept ANYTHING that masquerades as a liberal cause? Might it be possible that our failure to stand up for traditional values and biological realities will end up strengthening the appeal of Islam, which might have disastrous consequences for LGBTQ+ activism?

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