Dec. 7th, 9/11, What is The Date of What’s Coming?

The United States has suffered only 2 attacks on our soil from outside forces, the next one is already being set in Place.

Since President Biden took office, 3.3 million illegals have crossed the southwestern border. Those are the numbers that the Administration are admitting to, the ones who voluntarily turned themselves in. After crossing the Border the illegals make contact with Border Patrol, give them their fake information, fill out 5 minutes of paperwork, and then are set free into our country.

Out of the millions who have made contact with authorities as of this day 244 illegals that have been encountered were on the FBI’s terror watchlist. The Border Patrol at both the Canadian and Mexican borders have caught these terrorists as they entered the United States because the illegals made contact with them.

The problem is the Administration have said another 1.5 Million have entered that are called “got away’s”, illegals that didn’t turn themselves in, but who have avoided contact with Border Patrol. I find that number hard to believe due to the fact that before the wall was being built we averaged to only make contact with 1 out of 10 of the illegals that crossed our Border. I don’t see any reason that ratio would change now that there is no longer a wall, zero enforcement of the Border Laws, and the encouragement by the Administration to come on in. It is more likely that ratio has increased, rather than decreased as the Administration has stated.

If we use the Governments numbers of 1.5 million got away’s, with the added fact that last week we caught an member ISIS running one of the illegal human smuggling operations. If we’ve caught 244 terrorists, how many have we not caught? We know the Cartels have been smuggling enough Fentanyl to kill 100,000 Americans a year for the last 3 years through drug abuse, what else has been smuggled in? Who else has been smuggled in?

Fentanyl is being used as a weapon of mass destruction. It is killing in one year double of the amount of people we lost in Vietnam in 10 years. Now these deaths are just a byproduct of illegal narcotics sold for profit by gangsters. What could those who are our enemies have smuggled in, and how many will it kill? How many of those got away’s are committed jihadists or Chinese saboteurs?

Remember 9/11 was committed by only 19 men. What are the odds that our enemies have not taken advantage of the floodgates that President Biden has opened? In my view slim to none. That means we have enemies inside the gates. 1% of 1,500,000 = 15,000, if only 1% of the million an a half got away’s are terrorists. That is a small army that is very likely setting up terrorist cells all across the United States. Men and women who are at war with us, whether we think we are at war with them or not.

Once you put it in that perspective how can we not be sitting on a ticking bomb? Even if it is only half of 1% that are terrorists it’s still over 7000 enemy combatants running around the country setting up the next attack or attacks. Attacks that will take place against American Civilians.

Most illegals are here for one reason and one reason only. The American Dream, the opportunity to not live a destitute life. No matter how bad we Americans believe things have become, compared to the rest of the world we are still the land of milk and honey. Our poor live better lives than all except the rich of most other nations, especially those nations in our Southern Hemisphere. These people are just rolling the dice that they will be allowed to stay because of the Democrats plan to change the American Electorate. They are probably right, but that’s another story altogether.

They are not the people we need to be concerned about as a threat. It is the “got away’s” that are the threat. The only reason to run at this point in American History is because you are either a criminal or a terrorist. Everyone else are turning themselves in and being sent to cities with phones, food, and housing vouchers. There is no reason to be a “got away”.

The Biden Administration has set the entire country up for another Pearl Harbor or 9/11. It is only a matter of when it will happen, not if it’s going to happen. The threat level has never been higher. I honestly don’t believe the Administration has not done this on purpose. I’m not into conspiracy, I believe it is just the unintended consequence of the greed and lust for power, by the people running the Democrat Party.

It is only a matter of time before these terrorists act. How many are going to die as a result of the Democrats lust to flood the nation with illegals?

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