Covid 19 was not a bio-weapon

Some people still discuss whether Covid-19 was a bio-weapon unleashed perhaps by a bio-lab in Wuhan, China. They talk about “gain of function” lab research funded by Fauci and how it may have been that the US colluded with China to produce the deadly virus. With respect, I totally disagree.

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There was no Covid-19 virus. That’s the tough reality to absorb for some. The only thing produced in Wuhan was fear. Those of us who accept that viruses do not exist can instantly recognise that the only reason they conjured up the phantasm of Covid was so as to enable the roll out of the toxic jabs. I do believe that the Covid jabs are the bioweapon that billions of people have subjected themselves to taking. But to achieve this they had to make the prospect of catching “Covid” so fearful, so terrifying, that people would fling themselves into the arms of the vaccinators. And that is exactly what happened. People sought safety from the Bogey-man Covid even though it was never there.

Myths need continual reinforcement and that’s why the Origin story of “Covid” has occupied so much time and so many theories! Was it a bat, was it a Pangolin, was it an accident? This is ALL distraction and deliberately so because they know that if you *think* it was a lab leak, that reinforces the view that it actually existed. But it didn’t. Yes, people got sick, but people always get sick. Attributing any form of sickness to the Covid virus was all part of their scam. There was a demonic genius to how they packaged Covid and then sold you the fear and then, of course, the solution. The jab.


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