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According to the UK media (never paragons of accuracy), Monday will herald the beginning of the most visible manifestation of the government’s unwillingness or incapability (delete as appropriate) to control our borders. Portland Port, near Weymouth, will be blighted by the presence of the giant Bibby Stockholm barge ( where the government will begin housing single male ‘asylum seekers’. It’s not that the interior of the huge vessel is unpleasing to the eye. In fact it’s considerably more luxurious that several hotels I’ve stayed in around the world over the last few decades ( But what it symbolises is a government only willing to adopt window dressing policies to tackle an ongoing invasion of our land to the sum of tens of thousands of illegals every year.

Bibby Stockholm – according to the owners – boasts a restaurant, bar, gym and games room. These facilities, I presume, will be free to use for the men on board. In stark contrast to the locals and the rest of the British population, who presently have to pay exorbitant sums for things like food, sporting facilities and warmth, these goodies will be entirely at the disposal of those who’ve flocked here on small dinghies. There can be few other countries in the world so eager to placate those who owe it no allegiance at the expense of those who’ve been born here, brought up here, worked here, paid taxes here or, in many cases, donned the King’s uniform in order to fight for here. Even the Fire Brigades Union (affiliated to the Labour Party, of course) has raised ‘concerns’ about ‘overcrowding and access to fire exits on the vessel’; whilst the disciples of mass illegal migration, a.k.a the refugee organisations, have condemned it for being ‘costly, cruel and inhumane’ ( It is strange that I can find no record of the FBU raising concerns ten years ago when the Bibby Stockholm was chartered to house Petrofac construction workers from the Shetland Gas Plant ( In fact, as the webpage suggests, the Petrofac company praised the standard of accommodation available to its workforce. Perhaps what’s safe enough for skilled, highly valued British workers isn’t safe enough for unwelcome and unwanted and unskilled interlopers. It also could be that with a restaurant, bar, gym, games room and Wi-Fi it would be… did the pro-refugee groupies word it?…..’costly, cruel and inhumane’ to grant to these people what millions across the UK could only dream about. Goodness me, these ‘refugees’ must be special!

I’ve said in previous articles that the government isn’t really interested in doing anything other than playing sticking-plaster politics with this crisis. Labour would be no different ( Neither party is now talking of deterring these people in the first place, merely finding various ways to accommodate them once they’re here. Why is that? Because the Conservatives lack the sheer will required to adequately tackle a gargantuan legal system stuffed to the rafters with like-minded do-gooders, whereas Labour ideologically revels in a land where majority concerns around any sort of immigration are muffled by the cacophony of Left-wing bien pensant chorus lines.

One of the key determinants of happiness in any society is a sense of people feeling secure within their own country. How many can say they feel that way when our Kent coastline is being bombarded by interlopers with no identification (often destroyed at sea), markers of past criminal behaviour, or intent? Both the perpetrators of the murder of Detective Stephen Oake in 2003, and the murder of David Amess in 2021 were individuals whose very presence in this country had exposed the lie of the ‘rigours’ of our asylum and immigration system. As far back as 2005, of the 963 people arrested on suspicion of terrorist offences, 232 had lodged claims for asylum! And that was at at time when the proportion of illegal migrants was far less than what we have now. The question is: How many terrorist sleeper cells are hiding out in this tsunami of illegality? Britain, the ever-popular soft touch, is potentially importing hundreds of people liable to cause serious crimes at a minimum, and devastating terror attacks at a maximum. And all aided and abetted by a network of sympathetic charities before they are housed in clover at our expense!

Unless the authorities in Dorset plan to incarcerate these single males, with their pent-up sexual urges, on the Bibby Stockholm without access to the shore, we can be pretty sure we’ll soon be hearing about sexual molestation of local girls (or worse) just like we did in Skegness back in June ( Furthermore, we must not forget that ‘asylum seekers’ have also been responsible for the following outrages:

1). One of the perpetrators of the June 2017 London Bridge attack, in which 11 people were murdered and 48 injured, was a Moroccan asylum seeker (Rachid Redouane) who continued to reside in the UK after failing in his appeal to remain here.

2). Hadi Hamid, who almost killed two teenagers in Middlesbrough after ploughing into them with his car (and leaving them with life-changing injuries), was allowed to stay in the UK. This was notwithstanding the revocation of his refugee status. The atrocity took place in October 2017.

3). Samiulahaq Akbari, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, tried to murder a complete stranger in Thornton Heath, south London while ‘fuelled’ by a desire to kill English people in January 2019.

4). The horrific murder of 7-year-old Emily Jones in Bolton in March 2020.

5). A brutal triple murder by stabbing in a Reading’s Forbury Park in June 2020 by a failed Libyan asylum seeker, who the government had granted temporary leave to remain despite having criminal convictions and being in a terrorist group.

6). The murder of 32-year-old Lorraine Cox in Exeter in September 2020.

7). The injury sustained by a taxi driver, David Perry, outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital in November 2021 when a bomb that had been left in his vehicle exploded. The bomber was killed in the attack.

In 2021 Migration Watch, the organisation which monitors various forms of immigration – legal and illegal – to the United Kingdom, revealed that 98% of those crossing the Channel in boats had no forms of identification. This makes it impossible for the authorities to establish where they have come from or what crimes they’ve committed previously. What also makes the UK a magnet for these people is our appalling record on asylum rejection. France, for example, rejects three times the number of asylum claims we do. We take them in. House them. Feed them. Clothe them. Give them recreational activities. Let them live at our expense….and all demanded by those who will never learn the lesson that their activism is imperilling our nation. What a disgusting situation we find ourselves in!

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  1. The factor that underlies functional societies and cultures is trust – that trust amongst people is the glue that binds and leads to innovation, invention and imagination. The importation of, mostly, young blokes, from cultures that are tribal is a time bomb that is lurking within Europe, waiting to explode.
    The recent expose of corrupt lawyers taking huge sums of money to enable illegal migrants to stay t in this country is the equivalent of importing corruption that is prevalent in certain
    cultures, and countries.
    The Strange Death of Europe.

    Indeed, it is.


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