A Tucker Carlson Two Shot

We at DavidVance.net believe that people should get ALL views of the days events. With that in mind here are the latest two Tucker Carlson Broadcasts.

(3:24) Most Hated Man in America

(7:20) Hillary Clinton

(9:57) @wagieeacc Dragged Before Congress

(28:17) The Hillary Joke

(32:33) Life in Prison

(36:09) Sam Bankman-Fried

(44:35) Trump & Prison

(47:38) More Sam Bankman-Fried


(00:17) Glenn Greenwald joins

(05:41) Will the Ukraine War Hawks ever apologize?

(07:25) Using foreign wars to punish Americans

(10:00) Free speech hypocrisy

(18:18) Biden’s awful poll numbers

(21:31) Liberal media turn on Biden

(25:09) 2024 predictions

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