A Return to Sanity, a Return of Netanyahu

90% of the Vote in Israel has been tallied and the result is undeniable the Israeli’s have once again put Bibi back in charge. As of the writing of this post he has 63 seats in the Knesset. 61 seats gives you control, he’s expected to wind up with 65.

Israel’s longest-serving leader, Mr. Netanyahu will have won a record five elections to hold office six times, more than any other prime minister in the country’s 74 year history.

There are certain figures in history that evoke and fill a special place in politics. Churchill was one of these figures Netanyahu is another. Awnry, Smart, and Politically Adept. These are the men that are called on when times are dire, and the wolf is at the door. Then they are forced aside once again after the threat abates.

Since it’s founding Israel has been besieged by it’s Arab Neighbors. Made into the boogieman for all the problems the Arab nations suffer internally from their own Politics the Arab states used Israel becoming a recognized Jewish state as the cause for these problems.

The majority of it’s 74 year history has been one of War. Even when not officially at war with any particular nation the constant terrorism from the Palestinians has never really allowed it to relax and live as a safe people.

There had been points of progress on this front over the years, but 6 years ago a major change took place. During the Trump administration the United States Middle East Policy changed dramatically. The U.S. sells arms to every nation in the region except Syria and Iran which are supplied by Russia. During the Trump administration that security was leveraged into tremendous progress for not just peace but alliances to be formed between Israel and it’s Arab neighbors. The Arab nations were basically given a choice settle your differences with Israel or the U.S. will cut you off.

Now this could never be leveraged in this way before the Trump Administration due to the fact that the U.S. was dependent on Middle East Oil. Under Trump that dependency ended, they needed our arms and some our money, however we no longer needed their Oil. Using this formulae and ending the Iran Nuclear Deal where Obama had not only ended the Iranian Sanctions, but released 150 Billion that was held due to those sanctions including sending 1.7 Billion in unmarked Cash of various currencies via airplane that Iran immediately used to resupply it’s Terror proxies. So how does all this apply to the reelection of Bibi Netanyahu ?

That answer is simple and complex. Simply put President Biden destroyed ALL progress President Trump made both domestically in the U.S., and even more so on our foreign policy effecting the Middle East more than any region in the world. We are once again dependent on M.E. Oil and are once again aiding Iran in building Nuclear Weapons.

This has caused great turmoil and anxiety in the M.E. especially Israel. Missiles are being stationed in Syria by Iran to use against them, the PLO are flush with Iranian Arms and support. The leverage tying the peace deals with the Arab states no longer exists due to President Biden making America dependent on their Oil once again.

The only thing holding the peace between the Arab States and Israel together is the mutual threat of Iran. Israel however with the Biden Administration allying itself with Iran has no U.S. backing yet still need to deal with each of the Arab States….. enter Bibi Netanyahu.

Netanyahu is the only Israeli leader that can both make the Israeli people feel protected, and is feared/respected enough by the Arab State leader’s for them to negotiate with honorably against their common enemy Iran.

While the leaders of the West are kvetching over the situation in Ukraine the Middle East is building toward eruption. The return of Bibi Netanyahu as the Israeli PM is a very welcome steadying hand that is wanted and needed by all Nations worried over the threat that is Iran.

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