A Plea to the Supreme Court

I usually post videos of Mark Levin, today I will be posting an open letter he penned in regard to what is going on in the United States, to the Trump Legal Team. First I will explain a few things.

1st Mark Levin is one of the best Constitutional Legal minds in the United States. He is also a radio and television host that is true, but those jobs were an outflow of his understanding of Constitutional Law and his brilliance in being able to present it to the American public in plain simple language and concepts.

He was dragged into the business of radio & television by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Levin was Limbaugh’s one man Constitutional Law Library he had him on regularly for the over 30yrs. He was Chief of Staff for Attorney General Ed Meese under Ronald Reagan. His private law firm is Landmark Legal Foundation.

He has no need of the radio or television show, his wealth is more than provided for through his legal work. In his view the shows exist entirely for the benefit of informing the American public. A task he feels is both entirely necessary and desperately needed. Anyone who derides his credentials or knowledge to debate these issues is feeding you spin at the best, or is just totally ignorant at the worst.

The 2nd issue that must be stressed is how close the U.S. is to a 2nd Civil War. It is already being waged in the courts, but thank God has not yet spread to the streets. The danger of that is higher than anyone is willing to say. I pray and advocate for avoiding that path. It is the path of self-destruction for all of us.

The Democrat Party has engaged in a war against the ideological foundation of the nation, and the will of the American People. They have decided that the nation from this point forward will be controlled by the state, not the state executing the will of the people. The people will follow the will of the state. They will do as they are told.

The Democrat Party have reached a critical mass. The Democrat Party controls the Federal Government, The Court System, the Bureaucracy, the School System, and the Press. Now that they have achieved critical mass they are using it to seize the power permanently, to maintain that control while fundamentally changing the structure of power in the United States as they remove the people’s freedom to choose the direction of the country.

The weaponization of the Judicial System against President Trump is unprecedented and Leninist. He is a threat to their plans and their power. They are using the courts as a weapon to interfere in the current Presidential Election. The courts are being used to sway opinion against Trump while at the same time eating up his time and resources making it impossible to run his campaign.

Not one of these cases has a Statute of Limitations that can run out. There is no need to bring these constitutionally questionable cases to the courts before the Election, before the people have a chance to decide other than the fact that it’s the Democrats only hope of winning.

The Supreme Court Refused to Act to protect the Constitution the last Presidential Election, they punted all the cases to the lower courts. They must not be allowed to shirk their duty a second time. As the head of an equal branch of government, the branch that is being abused to interfere in the Constitutional Process of Elections it is the Courts obligation to defend the Constitutional process and the integrity of the Judicial System. Not just sitting back allowing their Branch of Government to be used to dismantle it.

The following is an open letter from Mark Levin to President Trumps Legal Team on how this can be achieved until after the people have the chance to vote without them putting their own thumb on the scale in either Party’s favor.

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The Biden administration has created a legal morass never seen or experienced in American history, as applies to a presidential election. The attorney general, appointed by the Democrat president, is authorizing indictment after indictment of his president’s possible if not likely political opponent in the middle of a presidential election cycle. He is doing so through his appointment of a special counsel, whose appointment was a misapplication of the special counsel regulation, and whose charges must be approved by the attorney general. (By the way, as an important side issue, Jack Smith is not a presidential appointee; he never even stood for confirmation by the Senate to hold the position he holds and to exercise the authority he is exercising against a party opponent.) It should be noted at the same time, the attorney general refuses to appoint an outside special counsel to investigate his client, Joe Biden, despite the fact that the DOJ regulation was originally instituted for these exact circumstances. Of course, this underscores the purpose and motive of what is taking place before us today.

The attorney general is approving the timing of dozens of charges against the former Republican president, who is actively seeking his party’s nomination to challenge the Democrat president for whom he directly reports, which are intended to cripple the ability of Donald Trump to effectively run for president, regardless of what polls show today. And regardless of what the commentariat say, and despite President Trump’s strength within the Republican Party, the outcome of the election is unknown. Therefore, the polls are irrelevant in this regard. Moreover, as further evidence that these indictments are being used as political weapons are the timing of the charges — specifically, all of these charges by the separate grand juries, all controlled by the special counsel, should have been filed AFTER the election, as there was no possibility the statute of limitations would run on any of them. Further, the special counsel repeatedly insists that the charges must be quickly adjudicated, meaning before the people vote, for the purpose of having maximum influence on the election.

In addition, the charges have resulted in the significant depletion of Trump’s campaign funds to pay for millions in legal fees. Trump has to take significant time from campaigning to address the dozens of charges dropped on him by the Biden administration — that is, he has to expend an enormous amount of time working with his lawyers in order to defend himself from charges that, collectively, would result in his imprisonment until his death.

The fact is that this kind of legal warfare against a presidential and possible if not likely opponent to the present president, is not only unprecedented in the history of our republic it will destroy our electoral system for all time. It is not something that should left to various district courts or local courts to sort out in the course of regular judicial proceedings. In fact, that is part of the intended strategy by the prosecutors who are engaged in this assault on our electoral system. They must not be rewarded for their behavior. They must not be rewarded for their treachery and exploitation of the legal system and the courts to achieve their political ends.

Even without getting to the merits of these multitude of charges, which are easily unraveled from my perspective, the process is what is being used to interfere with the election. And the near silence by those who are orchestrating this shocking legal warfare, when the American people are left in the dark, is untenable.

Therefore, I want to publicly encourage the Trump legal team to seek an emergency hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, not to resolve legal disputes, but to at least temporarily halt the abomination of this legal warfare that is unfolding in front of us — where Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are unashamedly celebrating the use of the courts by the Biden administration and Democrat DA’s to further their political wishes, as the rest of the nation watches in shock. This unprecedented legal warfare requires an unprecedented response by the only constitutional body left that can do something about it — the Supreme Court.

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