A Message to the House Republicans from a nobody in the Base

Congratulations, you’ve got a Speaker. What an amazing task….. You bunch of damn Clowns. All you’ve proven is one thing, and one thing only: That the U.S. Government definitely needs Term Limits. All of you have long out served your usefulness to the people you are supposed to represent.

A member of Congress is a position of unlimited power. We give this power to these people with the trust that they will represent the people who put them there. Very few have done anything for the states they represent without getting an off the books payday for themselves. 1 in 100 is a Millionaire when elected, yet everyone of them leaves office not only being worth millions themselves, but with their families being worth millions as well.

The longer they hold office the deeper the levels of corruption. There is no way to prevent this. The only hope the American people have is to limit the time any one individual has access to that power. We the People have been slack in insuring that. An Article 5 Convention must take place. In the meantime…..

To the Republican’s who control the House, “Pull Your Head’s Out of Your Butts.” You pack of clowns need to accomplish the very little that is actually in your power. You do not have the power to fix the Budget. You do not have the power to Secure the Border. You do not have the power to Pass Anything of Substance. Mitch McConnell is working with the Democrat controlled Senate, and Joe Biden is President.

Nothing you Pass will ever become Law. If any Bill has the ability to address any problem with the Budget, Border, or the War It’s Dead on Passage. There is only one thing you can get accomplished. Expose the Biden Network of Corruption.

The system of grafts, kickbacks, and bribery that the Biden family has used for 50 years is the same system that over a dozen members of Congress are using to enrich themselves and their families on both sides of aisle.

Prove that you are truly Representatives of the People. Expose the Biden corruption and present it to the American People. That is the one and only thing this Congress can accomplish. PERIOD!

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