A Hospital was destroyed in Gaza. So who done it, and why do YOU care?

Yesterday in Gaza a Hospital was destroyed. What you believe happened is based solely on your Politics.

PBS put it this way along with a severe leftist snarky spin.

At least 500 killed in Gaza City hospital explosion, Hamas and Israel exchange blame

KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) — A massive blast rocked a Gaza City hospital packed with wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter Tuesday, killing hundreds of people, the Hamas-run Health Ministry said. Hamas blamed an Israeli airstrike, while the Israeli military said the hospital was hit by a rocket misfired by Palestinian militants.

The health ministry said at least 500 people had been killed. Video that The Associated Press confirmed was from the hospital showed fire engulfing the building and the hospital’s grounds strewn with torn bodies, many of them young children.

So-called Anti-Propagandist Jackson Hinkle says the Jews are Lying.

The Jews put the blame on the Terrorists. They accused one of Hamas’s super “high-tech” homemade missiles of misfiring.

It is undeniable that a Hospital was destroyed. Whoever destroyed it, whether Hamas or Israel, neither side wanted to destroy it. You can find people on both sides that will say that the other side did do it on purpose. That is just propagandist bull. It’s bad press for Israel, and loss of a Command site for Hamas.

What I’m going to say is going to piss everyone off, but it needs to be said. I don’t care that a Hospital was hit, no matter who hit it. Gaza is a War Zone.

Yes, it is horrible that sick women and children were killed. Well, woman and children are killed in Israel randomly any day, because Israel is a War Zone.

Hospitals, Schools, Houses of Worship, according to the rules of War, are off limits. Using Hospitals, Schools, Houses of Worship as Launch Sites, Weapons Caches, and Command and Control centers is also off limits. Landing in the center of a concert murdering, raping, and kidnapping hundreds of Civilians is also against the rules. One side can’t be held to standards that the other side does not abide by, yet that is exactly what we are being told to do.

The Israeli’s will try as best as humanly possible to avoid killing civilians. Hamas will, best as they are capable, target and hide behind civilians as a mater of proven fact and due course. It is one of their primary tactics in battle. They are Terrorists and that is what terrorists do. A lot of people are going to die on both side. More will die in Gaza than Israel, unless the Iranians carry through with their threat.

Iran threatens Israel over looming ground offensive in Gaza

Iran’s foreign minister has warned that an Israeli ground offensive in Gaza would force Iran to intervene, likely expanding the war to other parts of the Middle East, according to a report.

Hossein Amirabdollahian made the comment during a meeting with United Nations envoy to the Middle East Tor Wennesland on Saturday in Beirut, Axios reported, citing two diplomatic sources with knowledge of the situation.

Now that, to me, is funny. Iran controls both Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran gave the order and weapons to Hamas to attack Israel. They’ve chosen when and how this war has started. Anyone who say’s different is either Stupid or Lying. The thing that worries me is the timing.

Everyone was having conniptions over the $6b Biden freed up that Iran hasn’t even received yet, when in reality the Biden Administration has freed up $50 billion to Iran over the past two years.

Goldberg lays out the numbers. The $6 billion you’ve seen in every (other) headline is only the money being transferred from our friends in Qatar. But this is separate from the $10 billion of assets being transferred from Iraq, which Goldberg says will continue on “a rolling basis.” Then there are the reports that Iran will be allowed to access $7 billion in fiat currency by trading drawing rights with the International Monetary Fund. He also says Japan is scheduled to transfer $3 billion to Iran. 

Money is fungible,” and even the funds that have not yet been unfrozen are likely being treated as good credit in Iran’s ledger.

The revelations do not end there. U.S. officials have also quietly acknowledged that they’ve uncapped Iranian oil exports to China. These export levels, previously held around 775,000 barrels per day under Trump’s sanctions, are now estimated to be between 1.4 and 2.2 million barrels per day. Modest estimates value this relief at $25 billion annually. 

During those two years Iran has poured 100s of Millions of dollars into both Hamas and Hezbollah in rockets and weapons. It has also continued with it’s Nuclear Program and has not allowed inspectors into their refineries in years. 3 years ago it was estimated they could produce weapons-grade nuclear material in 12 days. To those who don’t understand what that means: It was estimated by the U.N. that whenever Iran chose to make a warhead they could do it with what they had on hand 3 years ago in just 12 days.

Do you really believe that over the past 2 years receiving all that money, with no inspectors monitoring their Uranium production, they’ve been good little boys? As they chant daily in their streets “Death to Israel, Death to the United States” . Come on they don’t really mean it, that’s just for show. Isn’t it? No one could actually mean what they say when they say that….

Right now everything is a wait and see game. No one except the Iranians know what the Iranians are going to do. No one knows when Hezbollah will start showering 1000s of missiles on Israel from Lebanon. What everyone does know is that in the days to come 1000s of Gazans are going to die. That is going to include women and children, and since terrorists don’t wear uniforms every death will be that of a civilian.

Our screens and our Headlines will be filled with Israeli Atrocities. It won’t matter that they were attacked. That civilians were the primary target of the attack, especially women and children. The MSM won’t run those pictures 24/7, but they will run every picture of every poor Gazan they can find.

The Jews are about to march into Gaza. If it was up to me, I’d follow Sherman’s march to the sea as a guide. The Jews however will not employ that strategy. They will do what is humanly possible to keep civilian deaths to a minimum, while at the same time Hamas will do everything it can to bring civilian deaths to the maximum.

I may weep at the horror we are about to witness, but at the same time I shed not one tear for the Parents. I hold the parents on both sides responsible for every death. Every parent on both sides has chosen this course for not just themselves but their families. The object of War is to kill the enemy and break their things. One side is fighting for their existence, one side is fighting to exterminate a race from the face of the earth.

I stand with the Jews, hopefully my Country will also. With the Biden Administration no one can truly know what America will do. The only thing we do know is it’s about to begin.

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