A Beleaguered, Befuddled, Backstabbing, Buffoon.

Who on earth could I be speaking of? Well none other than the RINO Poster boy for #TermLimits in the House from California, Kevin McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy born and raised in California, the only “Republican” in his family, he started working in politics before he even finished school. McCarthy has held no other job in his life except politics. He was groomed for his position by another poster boy for #TermLimits Bill Thomas, who served from 1979 to 2007, who McCarthy worked for starting in 1987 up until 2002. After a stint of five years in the California Assembly, McCarthy replaced Thomas in the House in 2007 holding the seat still today.

McCarthy was the number three man in the House under John Boehner and Paul Ryan, then becoming number two when Paul Ryan took control. Now, McCarthy is the number one man in the House of Representatives. A true creature of the Swamp, it is the only job he knows.

The son of a firefighter father and homemaker mother, and whose wife has only worked as a fundraiser for the Republican Party, McCarthy whose only job has ever been that of a politician, has done very well for himself.

McCarthy as of August 2022 was being ranked as one of the richest politicians in the United States of America with a net worth estimated at about $95 million with a monthly income of $1 million and a salary of $312,000.

Nothing proves the corruption of the United States Congress more than McCarthy, as his wealth and lack of any source of income besides politics shows.

McCarthy was second in command of the House of Representatives under Paul Ryan. Ryan, and McCarthy ran the House majority the first two years of Donald J Trumps presidency when Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House. He aided Ryan, and Mitch McConnell in slow walking, and blocking as many of Trump’s policies as they could. With people like McConnell, Ryan, & McCarthy in charge of Congress, Trump had zero support as McCarthy and the other two men did everything in their power to thwart his efforts.

Now, McCarthy is about to become Speaker of the House. The most powerful person in the country, third in line for succession of the Presidency. He and the party are telling the American people that Speaker McCarthy will lead the fight for the people. He will investigate the corruption of the DOJ/FBI, and every inside the beltway agency that has framed a President and betrayed the public. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the notion.

He has made one promise before even assuming the position of Speaker. He has said he will throw Adam Schiff, Ilhan Omar, and Eric Swalwell, off of their respective Committees in Congress. This is following the unprecedented action of Speaker Pelosi who threw Republicans off their committees whom she didn’t like. This was an abuse of power by Pelosi, and in all but Swalwell’s case, McCarthy doing it is also an abuse of power. Swalwell needs to be removed. All three are disgusting slimeball Democrats, but they were all elected by their constituents, and just because the other party disagrees with their positions it is not a just cause for removal. In Swalwell’s case, there is legitimate reason for him to be removed from the Intelligence Committee. Eric Swalwell dated, and lived with a Chinese spy. She also managed to install additional spies into Swalwells Congressional office. If Eric Swalwell isn’t a spy himself, he has been compromised by the Chinese and the last place he should be is in a position to access, review, and approve, or disapprove of The United State’s intelligence operations as he has done for the last decade. Tossing Swalwell off the committee is not only justified; but necessary to National Security. I will be waiting to see if these people are actually removed, but I will not be holding my breath.

The Speaker of the House is the most powerful position in the United States government, because the House of Representatives is supposed to, according to the Constitution, control the government purse. All spending for everything, from daily operation, to war, all need to go through the House. At least, that is the law, but has not been the practice since 2008. The U.S. has not even passed a budget for the last seven years. The government has run on one continuing resolution after another for almost a decade, effectively removing the checks and balances built into the system.

McCarthy could, but will not correct this problem. It will continue under him. He will not fix the border crisis, he will not reopen drilling, he will not cut spending, and he will not cancel the New Green Deal, oh excuse me the “Inflation Reduction Act”. If he manages to even conduct one investigation that exposes the abuses of even just the FBI it will be done so under duress, only to get the cooperation of the third of his own party who already know and despise him for swamp creature that he is.

Do not expect any progress on any front in the next Congress, there just won’t be any.

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