70% of Haley’s Votes were from Democrats, and she still lost….

Former President Trump won the New Hampshire Primary last night. Not only did he win he broke the record for votes received formerly held by Bernie Sanders. President Trump breaks record for most votes ever received in NH primary, In 2016, Sanders received 152,193 votes, crushing Hillary Clinton. At time of publication, 166,191 votes were cast for President Trump, with votes still yet to be tallied. 

The votes Niki Haley’s did receive were made up of a majority of Democrats. The first town to vote every election in N.H. is Dixville Notch it holds its vote at midnight. The town has a total of 6 voters, 4 Democrats and 2 Republicans, all 6 voted for Haley. The MSM were touting these votes yesterday morning as Haley winning 100% of the first district, and they did so with a straight face.

Ms. Haley says she is determined to stay in the race, and has a chance to still win. In the meantime the next Primary is in Nevada, Haley isn’t even going to participate in the Nevada Primary. She instead is concentrating on South Carolina. Haley was the Governor of S.C. and is polling 30 points behind Trump. That Primary is still a month away.

Niki Haley is delusional, she has no path to victory, and no chance of being picked as Trumps Vice Presidential running mate.

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2 thoughts on “70% of Haley’s Votes were from Democrats, and she still lost….

  1. Like “Mad magazine” said: WHAT-ME-WORRY???
    WHEN will folks “Awaken” to the FACT, that voting is only an “Illusion of Inclusion”!?!
    Governments “Rig voting machines ANY Way they choose”…GET THAT YET???

  2. On top of it, she is not even eligible for the office anyway, for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen. Which is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof. And that eligibility requirement for both the offices of POTUS and VP STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

    This nonsense, of attempting to ignore that eligibility requirement for those two federal offices, was started by the Dems via the candidacy and election of BHO, and followed up with by the candidacies in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries of Sens. Cruz & Rubio, and Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal – not a ‘natural born’ citizen in the lot of them. And now the Repubs have been at it again, with the candidacies of both Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramaswamy. So, this is a bipartisan crime. And both of those poitical parties will go down for it. As we return to living under the rule of law in this country – its Constitution. Either that. Or we die by suicide. In attempting to live by the rule of arbitrary law. Another word for which is tyranny.


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