Why Gary Lineker CANNOT be fired!

Lots of people calling for BBC Football pundit Gary Lineker to be sacked after his tweet yesterday suggesting that Government immigration policy is akin to that of the Nazis in 1930’s but I think this is legally unlikely and also practically impossible!

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One thought on “Why Gary Lineker CANNOT be fired!

  1. Nick Ferrari ? I used to listen to him every morning until he coooked up a fictitious dossier of so called anti-semetic comments by Jermey Corbin and submitted the file to the DPP. He’s a stooge !
    i stopped listening to him and LBC on the day he announced the submission of the dossier to the DPP.
    Im not a fan of Corbyn BTW, but he is definitely not anti-semitic. It was all part of an establishment take-down of Corbyn.


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