Why do Environmentalist HATE the Environment?

I can’t be the only person who is disgusted by the spread of bird-chopping view-ruining land-polluting eco-crucifex wind turbines amidst some of our most beautiful natural scenery. There are several areas of outstanding beauty here in Northern Ireland, many of them quite hilly/mountainous and these are now littered with wind farms. Of course, it’s not just on-shore wind farms that deface the environment as we also see a proliferation in off-shore wind farms, yet again defacing the seascape. These are all met with nodding political approval and a financial subsidy commitment to ensure many more of these hideous carbuncles. And if you think wind farms are bad, then try Solar farms which are the second wave of environmentally destructive innovations. We will deal with all of this in this column.

I used to wonder if Environmentalists could not see with their own eyes the utter folly of their pursuit of such technology. I was naïve. Of course, they so see it, they just don’t care. In a world where Satanic inversion rules, it is perfectly obvious that those who hate the environment that most and who want to destroy it should brand themselves as “Environmentalists” and warp themselves in the hollow rhetoric of “Clean green tech’!

But where does the UK stand on the issue of future energy generation? Well, our fake Conservative Government is committed to a massive expansion in what it calls clean zero carbon renewable energy.

The government aims to increase offshore wind capacity from a mere 11 GW in 2021 to 50 GW by 2030, requiring huge investment in onshore and offshore infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland. The driving force behind this is to help the UK move away entirely from reliable hydrocarbon energy sources to a bizarre world of “Renewables” and Nuclear. This is all about reducing C02 emission and to “save the planet” Discerning readers will know that we need MORE CO2 and that the UK ending its reliance on traditional proven energy generation will have zero impact on the global climate. None of that matters – this is a Green jihad.

Just consider this. The UK Government has legislated to end ALL Coal Power generation by 1st October 2024. In 2022, Coal Power was responsible for a mere 1.5% of all UK energy generation so the loss of such is not a catastrophe although do bear in mind that as we close our coal power plants (all four of them) China opens one a week.  Gas is the UK’s single largest source of energy with 2022 showing that 34% was generated in this way. That will all end in 2030 where Gas will just be 1% – modelling suggests! Yes, we all know how accurate “modelling” can be, don’t we?

So, in less than ten years, the UK will turn off around 35% of reliable energy production and place all faith in a mix of Wind Power (together less than 30%) and Nuclear (circa 12%) The problem here is blindingly obvious. We are removing a third of reliable energy production and hoping that vague unreliable renewables can fill the gap. But at present Wind Power cannot be effectively stored so in the event of becalmed weather, what happens?

Solar Power is equally insane. It currently generates around 3% of our needs but the ambition is to move this to a staggering 70GW – up from the current 13GW. Quite how this can happen is unclear since there is a vociferous political lobby opposing farmland being converted to such. Yet the Government is banking on a huge increase in Solar to help fill the void it is creating.

The final element in mix is that of Nuclear energy. The Government claims it will increase this power source from 7GW to 24GW by 2050. Curiously, even as the UK seeks to enhance nuclear power in an attempt” to “save the planet”, Germany closes all of its nuclear capacity to “save the planet”! Yes, really, that’s how demented this has become.

When you look at the total picture, there are three big points to reflect on;

  1. The Government is wilfully removing the most RELIABLE and biggest source of energy generation (Gas and Coal) by the end of this decade.
  2. Desperate moves to fill this self-created gap cannot possibly succeed but they will ensure less available power to the UK population.
  3. Our landscape and seascape is marked for defacement in pursuit of “green” goals.

I believe that you would have to be very green to believe that this is all going to benefit the British population. We will get less power, it will be more expensive, and the land and seascapes will be ruined in order to achieve this end. Tell me how that is “environmentally friendly”?

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