We The People, are NOT a Democracy

We are a Democratic Republic, that’s something the President should know, this one doesn’t.

I apologize to the world on behalf of We The People for the ASS that is currently President of the United States. They say he was elected to the office, but that is in serious dispute no matter what he mumbles at us. The vote count aside, 5 States violated the Constitution. He is however President, he took the Oath of Office, it’s his job. How he got there no longer matters, he is it… We accept that on the right. There have been no riots, no protests, no violence by those of us that say he cheated, in spite of the lunacy of this speech.

The President spent most of his speech paying lip service to attacking the right for political violence. In the last 2 1/2 years there have been political riots, on that count he is right. There have been 347 riots committed by the left, with 35 dead, $2 Billion in property Damage, and over 600 injured cops, whose perpetrators were bailed out by Vice President Kamala Harris and other high dollar Democrats, vs 1 riot on the right, with 1 dead rioter, less than $10,000 in property damage, and 3 injured cops. The perpetrators of which have not only been condemned by the high dollar Republicans, but who have been denied their Civil Rights, and some are still siting in a D.C. gulag. I don’t see how those scales balance in comparison. But in Our Presidents eyes that one riot by the RIGHT, the MAGA… well they are the evil ones, the threat to society. Far outweighing the other 347.

The President spoke of the “Rule of Law” and RESPECT for our Nations Principals. This from a man that conspired with Big Tech to Suppress Free Political Speech in violation of the 1st Amendment, and is using the Department of Justice to Persecute & Prosecute his Political rivals like a Tin Pot Dictator. Please spare us your Royal Hypocrisy Mr. President.

There was no purpose to this speech other than to try and provoke a reaction. If you take the vote for what it was last election Trump got over 74 million votes. Take half that number 37 Million and Joe just called that many people a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY…. Why?

The Right, the MAGA Republicans are threatening no one. We are saying what we believe, that the last election was a fraud, yet we are not rioting in the streets, looting and burning. We have not seized control of sections of any major cities declaring them special zones…. while burning federal buildings and police stations. The left has.

The President took to the national airwaves to accuse one third of the country of being a threat because their sin is they disagree with the direction he and his party are taking the country. This speech is the most disgraceful national address any President has made in American history. It breaks my heart, and I am ashamed that this old fool is our Leader.

God watch over the Republic, we are in the hands of fools who want it to get ugly. We pray they do not get their wish.

Here for your torture is the worst President in American History. Hunter’s dad, China Joe

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