UK to continue alignment with EU

The UK Government has revealed that it maintain most of the EU-era laws that it said it would repeal by end of this year! Now, why might this be?

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One thought on “UK to continue alignment with EU

  1. HI David, Absolutely !
    The establsihment never wanted to leave.
    Look at the lack of free trade ageements, epsecially suspect is the opportunity missed to conclude an FTA with the USA when Trump was in power.
    Look at the eagerness to get involved in the Ukraine/Rus civil war aligning with the EU/USA/NATO. This was a golden opportunity to wrangle further concessions from the EU before participating in this wreckless USA/EU endeavour.
    Look at the unopposed flow of Dinghy migrants across the channel – transfer coordinated with the French.
    Look at the lack of EU laws scrapped
    Look at our continued participation in the ECHR and all of the other suicidal euro commitments/treaties.

    The unipart are just playing a waiting game – waiting for boomer generation brits to die off in sufficient numbers to alter the balance of the brexit voting public.

    when we go back in – there will be no concessions, no rebates and full participation in the EURO CBDC, Digital IDs, 15 minute cities, Bug protein, stringent laws against thought crime etc
    Lovely !
    Need an escape plan…..


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