The TROUBLE with Dr John Campbell.

For two years, he was an enthusiastic salesman for the Covid jabs, at one point suggesting that efficacy was around 100%. But in recent times, he has started to ask some big questions about the killer jabs. Is he controlled opposition or is he a genuine convert? 


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3 thoughts on “The TROUBLE with Dr John Campbell.

  1. I watched his videos .I think he a really good guy. But you could tell as time went on he was rethinking the whole thing . Just goes to show you can change your opinion no matter what age you are .I thought and still do he was a shining light at the time.

  2. Why is everyone called controlled opposition these days? It leaves them with no support and no one speaking on our behalf. Calling people “controlled opposition” is in itself “controlled opposition”.

  3. Excellent podcast David. Thank you!
    My mother (86yrs old) and I had a discussion regarding John Campbell and his ‘YouTube performance’ during the early days of this nonsense.
    Mother’s opinion is that he is a Charlatan ie all his knowledge was coming from government output (SAGE etc etc) rather than his own research. She doesn’t beat about the bush!
    My opinion is he is conceited ie he wants you to think he’s more intelligent/skilful than he really is. Sat in his box room of his home using pen/ink to underscore/highlight the fear within you whilst telling you all is well with the jabs “Go get it, I’ve had it”.
    Did he mention whilst in his box that this so called virus has never been isolated? Did he mention whilst sat in his box the PCR test is a diagnostic tool. It cannot be used to find a virus unless misused (from the inventor Kary Mullins himself, in his own words)? Did he mention whilst sat in his box that he has been listening to other opinions from other top scientists and he has been giving you all opinions? The answer is NO.
    John Campbell has not given any of his subscribers the unbiased information they truly needed and deserved during the last few years.
    Perhaps both mother and I are right regarding John Campbell.
    What we both know, he is someone that we would never trust to give us the truth, the whole truth re medical science.


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