Farage is a Russian Agent?


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The UK media really are utter scum. No sane person believes that they are impartial reporters of the news but rather sickening propagandists for the Deep State. You will remember how they behaved during Covid as they INSISTED everyone should be good little sheep and take their 100% safe and 100% effective jabs and now they are seeking to subvert the Reform Party in the UK General Election.

How? Well, last night Nigel Farage was interviewed by Nick Robinson as part of its General Election coverage and it was the predictable stitch-up. However Farage held up well, made his points with clarity and strength, and accounted for himself well. However the BBC were looking for an angle to undermine Farage/Reform and they chose the Putin angle. In essence, the headline was as follows;

In fact, Farage pointed out that the invasion of Ukraine by Putin was unacceptable but NATO had been instrumental in provoking such conflict. He is right but the media then had their headlines

They are playing the Ukraine card in the hope that it can damage Reform. This shows that Farage threatens the entire status quo and MUST be brought down

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