The onslaught against Andrew Bridgen

Why is the Sunak Conservative so horrified that MP Andrew Bridgen questioned the Covid injection narrative? Are they worried that they might become implicated in the adverse reaction data?


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One thought on “The onslaught against Andrew Bridgen

  1. My first thoughts after listening to this podcast and watching Matt H/ Rushi et al was what a “incestuous” bunch of people that sit in the House of Commons regardless of which party.
    I then doubted myself on the use of the word “incestuous” so I Googled the meaning and came across “Incestuous Amplified” – the reinforcement of set beliefs among like minded people, leading to miscalculations and errors in judgment.
    Neil Ferguson and Dominic Cummings sprang to mind……we must never forget.
    ‘From little acorns mighty oaks grow’ so I pray Andrew Bridgen and a few others keeps speaking out.


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