The Cutter Incident – lessons lost.

Let’s talk about the Cutter Incident which happened in 1954 and yes, it involved a ”vaccine” that went very badly wrong. What lessons were taken from this horrific incident?

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One thought on “The Cutter Incident – lessons lost.

  1. The Cutter Incident arose from a toxic cocktail of gunk in the vaccines. Nothing to do with them containing “live”polio viruses or failure to “inactivate” the virus. You can’t inactivate something that doesn’t exist. Viruses simply do not exist, not in nature, not in a lab. BTW that is the famous staged photo that first appeared in Life magazine in 1953 to fearmonger polio and promote the new polio vaccines. None of the machines in the picture are hooked up or operating. And no single hospital had that many machines.


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